Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gorakh Hill for a quiet time

The highest point of Sindh, due for a major makeover. The views are remarkable and the journey is for the adventurous. Pleasantly surprised by the fact that Sindh has a 5688 ft peak and also by the name (probably since ancient times).

Yet as we climbed up towards the summit of Gorakh Hill, the mountain hues were stunning. There was grey, ochre, brown and a speckle of green here and there. The natural sculptures, fashioned by wind and water no doubt, were a sight to behold. The climb was only punctuated by the occasional sighting of a lonely shepherd tending his flock or a camel herder watching over his beasts, or construction workers being hauled to the top.

The sights as one climbed up the hill were indeed something for sore eyes, reminiscent of the Grand Canyon in the US. At night, a canopy of stars was visible in the clear sky above — more stars than one could count. What is more, the silence was all-encompassing while the air was crisp and cool.

A VIP rest house exists along with a regular guest house, while staff quarters and tourist huts are under construction. While the weather in Dadu and Johi below was pleasant, on Gorakh Hill it was absolutely nippy. And as the sun came down, the cold started to bite. Late at night, as load-shedding hit and the wind started howling on the pitch dark hilltop, the feeling was otherworldly.


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