Saturday, March 22, 2014

The United States of India

Conventional wisdom has it that the regional parties will gradually increase their foot-print across India (at the expense of the national parties- Congress, BJP, Communists). It is expected (justifiably) that the regional leaders will focus on their backyard first and the nation second. So what will such a manifesto look like?

"Fire-brand" Tamil leader Vaiko proposes to re-name the country as the United States of India.

The (ban) death penalty stance is connected to the ongoing controversy related to the LTTE gangsters. Indeed Vaiko wants to lift the ban on LTTE wholesale. This is similar to the arguments used in favor of RSS- these organizations are just too big to ban. It is perhaps an appropriate thing that Vaiko and Modi are in an alliance- birds of a feather so to speak.

It will be interesting to speculate on Vaiko's reactions in the event that Sri Lankan agents terminate the lives of a dozen Tamilians (which is just what the above gang did, even if a certain non-Tamil victim is taken out of the equation). He would probably insist on fast-tracking the death sentence(s). But then again he may not.

No to Kudankulam- a bit NIMBY- why not take a stand against all nuclear energy? Anti-GMO. Anti-methane exploration. All seems to be part of standard issue left-populism.

Tamil ambassador to Sri Lanka (OK). Supreme Court bench in TN (long overdue).

Statehood for Puducherry (it may be a better option to merge the various scattered parts of Puducherry to TN, Kerala, and Andhra).

Declare war on Sri Lanka and retrieve Katchatheevu- a bit mad.

Reservations in private sector (this will have broad support across all Shudra/Dalit communities nation-wide). This is the final frontier of reservations in India, the only thing now missing is reservations for economically backward, forward castes. Interestingly, Mayawati has promised both in her manifesto.
The MDMK has promised in its manifesto released on Saturday that it would rename the country as the United States of India if takes part in government formation after the Lok Sabha polls.

The party, led by firebrand Tamil leader Vaiko, also said it would lift the ban on Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

The party also demanded the Centre transfer back to the states the powers relating to education and the residuary powers listed in the Constitution should be fully given to the states.


The party said it would work for holding of a referendum on creation of Eelam in Sri Lanka for Lankan Tamils. According to MDMK, the referendum should be held in places where Lankan Tamils live.

The party has assured appointment of Tamils as ambassadors in nations having a sizeable Tamil population.

The party has promised reservation in the private sector, inter-linking of rivers, setting up of Cauvery Management Board and Cauvery Water Regulation Committee to oversee sharing of Cauvery waters between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The party said it would ban death penalty.

The MDMK also promised to work to force India to take severe action against Sri Lanka if it continues to attack Indian fishermen and also retrieve Katchatheevu -- an islet in Palk Strait, from Sri Lanka.

The party also promised declaration of fishing community as scheduled tribe, provide pension for fishermen and prevent plunder of beach sand minerals.

On the nuclear power, MDMK said it would prevent additional units at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu and also work for closure of the first two units there. The party has also opposed field trials of genetically modified crops, methane exploration project in Thanjavur, the natural gas pipeline project by GAIL in Tamil Nadu.

With the difficulties faced by people in the south in approaching the Supreme Court in New Delhi, the MDMK has promised for bring a bench of the apex court here.

To the people of Puducherry, the MDMK has promised statehood. Citing that the Union Territory got its freedom from the French Nov 1, 1956, the MDMK assured that steps will the taken to declare that day as Puducherry's Independence Day.

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  1. MDMK is in the same front as in BJP; they are the equivalent of Subramania Swamy in providing comedy relief in Tamil Politics.