Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Double century not out

BP has registered 200 posts for March- the Big Chief was gracious enough to run the 22 yards for the 200th one. An above-average effort for sure, and more still yet to come.

Speaking from the desk-clerk's desk we only have a hazy idea about who the readers are, what they like (and dont like) about BP. Please feel free to add your comments or better yet, step up and pen down those great thoughts. As a very wise man has noted:

An idea that is not expounded or written, is as good an idea that never was

Just one (redundant) observation if we may, the readers still hang on to every word (a bit infrequent alas) penned by Dr Omar (hint: yeh dil mange more). While the good old days (and good old friends) may never come back it is reassuring to know that some things will not change.

Heart-felt thanks to the blog-owners for letting us have a good time.

warm regards

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