Friday, March 28, 2014

Dogs barking mightily at the caravan

As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going...straight to prison.

These are indeed desperate times and desperate measures are needed to concentrate the minds of voters.

That said re: recent reports on rapid muslim population growth (relative to Hindus and others in selected states) it is interesting to hear of Masood's claims that UP is 42% muslim (wiki claims 18.5% in UP, 9% in Gujarat). 

The census data will be awaited with great interest.
Congress Lok Sabha candidate Imran Masood was on Saturday arrested on charges of hate speech in which he threatened to "chop" Narendra Modi "into pieces", remarks that led to an FIR being filed against him by police besides sparking an outrage.

"If Modi tries to make Uttar Pradesh into Gujarat, then we will chop him into tiny pieces...I am not scared of getting killed or attacking someone. I will fight against Modi. He thinks UP is Gujarat. Only 4% Muslims are there in Gujarat while there are 42% Muslims in UP," he had said.

However, he later apologized for his remarks, saying, "I should have been more cautious with my words" and that the same were said in the heat of electioneering.


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