Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Dalits need no religion

Behenji (dear sister) Mayawati hates (justifiably) the Hindu caste system with every fiber of her body.

The famous slogan of Kanshi Ram (her mentor) was : Tilak, taraju aur talwar, unko maro juthe char (Brahmins, Baniyas and Khatriyas should be given a good kick).

One of the pressing problems facing India (as our overlords see it) is the religious affiliation of the dalits and tribals which will translate into muscle power and as cannon fodder. They are officially listed as (mostly) Hindus.

In Maharashtra a section of dalits have adopted neo-Buddhism (with all the rituals of Hinduism extending to idolatry). The dalit army is named Bhim-Sena after Bhima of Mahabharata who married a dalit lady (Hidimbi) and had a valiant progeny (Ghatot-kacha).

We believe this strategy kills two birds with one stone- it establishes Dalits in the Dharmic sphere and embeds them firmly in the fold of Indian mythology and culture (as the original Indians even). This also achieves a degree of separation with the foreign origin religions/cultures of Islam and Christianity.  

While RSS and other Hindutva organizations may not be pleased by this strategy of subversion there is little they can do about it. And as far as the eager-to-convert emissaries of desert religions are concerned, their talking points dont work against the (supposedly) egalitarian Buddhism. And the foreign origin point is un-answerable. 

Thus just like all forms of carbon will eventually convert into diamond, Buddhism should be the default religion of all Indians. Presumably this is what Mayawati would wish for but for now she needs the Brahmins on board to defeat the pesky Shudras. This is why she has a (successfully tested) reservations carrot for the upper-caste (economically backward) folks as well.  It is her own special form of Marxism- class equations merged with caste equations.

In conclusion electoral compulsions has forced Behenji to be a sister for the Tilaks aka Brahmins instead of kicking them into the mud. Another magical aspect of the (bottoms up) social revolution.
BSP supremo Mayawati on Sunday slammed religious conversion and asked members of weaker sections, dalits and tribals to change the government instead of their religions. "I understand that people from BJP and RSS visit remote areas of Odisha and persuade adivasis and dalits to go for reconversion in order to change their living standards. I am telling you not to change religion, but governments both in the state and the Centre," Mayawati told a public meeting.

Stating that about 50% of Odisha's population comprised tribals and dalits, Mayawati said there had been no development of poor people even 65 years after Independence. She also highlighted the plights of poor people among the upper caste communities.

Blaming the economic policies of both Congress led UPA government and previous BJP led NDA regime at the Centre, she said "while a huge amount of black money is stashed in foreign banks neither Congress nor BJP had made any effort to bring it back."

"If the black money is brought back, most of the problems faced by the poor, dalits and tribals would be over for all time to come. But, those in power don't take such step," she said.

Holding poverty and unemployment responsible for the growth of left wing extremism, Mayawati said the Maoist menace would certainly come down if the government took steps to uplift the poor members of the society.

She said Odisha remained poor and backward for ages due to faulty policies of successive governments in the state and the Centre. "We will fulfill Odisha's demand of a special category State status if voted to power in Centre," Mayawati said.

"We have reduced poverty in Uttar Pradesh and distributed unutilized government land to landless people. Same can be done in Odisha and elsewhere," she said.

Appealing to people to vote for BSP candidates in the ensuing twin polls, Mayawati said "we do not have alliance with anyone in the state. BSP has put candidates in all the 21 Lok Sabha and 147 assembly segments of Odisha."

On the thin attendance in her first public meeting here, Mayawati said she was happy that poor people attended the BSP rally. "We do not bring people by bus or train to show fake strength. I am happy that so many people attended the meeting despite scorching heat," she said.


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