Thursday, March 27, 2014

Indian Muslims (USA) prepare for Gallipoli

The Association of the Indian Muslims of America (AIMA) approves of this message in support of the one and only AK-272

One hundred years following the original Great War and the launch of the famous Gallipoli campaign, the muslim regiments must be prepared for jihad (once again).
In these times of clear and present danger, the muslims of India (150 million official, probably 200 million including all migrants)- after decades of blind devotion and service from the heart- must abandon the sinking Congress ship. 

All regiments to be mobilized under the supreme leadership of Rt. Hon. Kejriwal - a honest to good re-incarnation of Lt. Col. Kemal (plus a muffler for local color).

Remember folks, this election is undoubtedly the most important one in decades. Defeat the M... Monster now and the beleaguered minorities in India will be able to breathe safely once more.

In other (weird) election news, Karuna-nidhi has decided to forgive and support Congress (but only after the election???). The old guard is fighting hard to keep the boat floating for the next generation(s).

At the moment it appears to be a bit of a lost cause (and the muslims know it as much as anybody else, hence the advert below).

The skullduggery (mass corruption) that triggered this whole mess is likely to turn the poor princes into paupers.

Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party, which is already under attack from within and outside, is facing a new quandary from one of its supporters – a non-profit group from US – that has issued an advertisement in a community newspaper appealing the Muslim voters to support the AAP.

The ad that appeared in the 1-15 February issue of Milli Gazette is doing the rounds on the internet. While the party has denied issuing any such ad on the social media, the advertisement appeared on Milli Gazette’s Facebook page has put the Aam Aadmi Party in a spot.

The ad issued by the Association of Indian Muslims of America reads: “An Appeal to Indian Muslim citizens and voters to support Aam Aadmi Party to remove the ills of: corruption, influence peddling, abuse of religion and caste, money power, denial of justice, police brutality, from the society at large in the country. 

These ills have resulted from gross abuses by most political parties. The majority of Muslims being deprived people are hurt more than others from these ills. Hence, Muslims in large numbers should support AAP that is comprised of good people, and that is trying to cleanse the national political and governance system. We appeal to all to campaign for AAP, raise funds for them and vote for AAP candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections.”

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