Friday, March 21, 2014

The neo-feudalists

Who is Pawan Kalyan?

He is hero #1 in Tollywood (and brother of Chiranjeevi K, the superstar of the past).

He is also running on a "Congress hatao, desh bachao" platform (Chiranjeevi is presently an Union minister).

This reminds me of an old joke where a father wants x number of sons who will all join different political parties (and ensure that the family as a whole is always close to power, whoever wins). What exactly are Chiranjeevi's qualifications which enables him to leap-frog ahead of dedicated party workers and become an Union Minister?

In the north there is the Raja, Rani, Nawab and Yuvraj brigade- VP Singh (ex-PM), Digvijay Singh, Madhav Rao Scindia, Vijay Raje Scindia etc.

In the south (specifically Andhra and Tamil Nadu) there are the cine-stars. They have unlimited access to money in the bank and the hearts of the people. People will self-immolate at the news of ill-health of the stars- such strong runs the passion of the common folk.

Frankly speaking it is a disgrace- taking advantage of gullibility of people. Kerala and Karanataka are mercifully free from this disease. Karnataka actually gifted an (in)famous cine-star cum politician to Tamil Nadu. Serves them just right.

Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan, Congress leader K Chiranjeevi's brother, today met Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and declared support to him for the Prime Minister's post.

Kalyan, who recently launched Jana Sena party, however did not say anything about possibility of alliance with BJP in the residual Andhra Pradesh/Seemandhra.

"Modi is fit to become the Prime Minister, and I and my party support him," Kalyan said after the meeting. "I am backing Modi, so obviously I am backing BJP," he said, when asked whether he would campaign for BJP in his state.

But he refused to spell out if his party will have a pre-poll tie up with BJP. He also evaded a question as to why he and his brother and Union Minister K Chiranjeevi had chosen different political paths.

Kalyan launched his party on March 14 with "throw out Congress" as the central plank.


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