Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Imran Khan boarding the wrong train...as usual

Our great leader has taken the pulse of Twitter and Facebook (or heard good news from on high) and has decided to throw caution to the wind and board the anti-GEO bandwagon.
Sadly, once more, he may be boarding the wrong train. The army's ability to swing itself into the harness and give orders has been slowly but steadily weakening for years. Zardari's successful tenure (successful in not falling to a coup) and the peaceful transfer of power to MNS were baby steps. A major Paknationalist media empire deciding its time to openly challenge the ISI after its reporter is shot (by the ISI or by someone else) is a bigger step (because it means serious sections of the ruling elite feel it is time they can do this). This is not to condone GEO's method of making the accusation, or their odious past record of labeling others as thieves, traitors, etc. That is all condemn-able and has been condemned in the past and should be condemned now. But their willingness to do so still indicates that they perceived a power shift.
The deep state (and its useful-idiot supporters in the PTI fan-base) have since mobilized to teach GEO a lesson and to show them who is still boss...but it is not exactly going  as planned. It took a few days, but liberal fascists (a term GEO and Hamid Mir freely popularized when they and the establishment were on the same page) continue to pop up to question the army's right to label GEO (or anyone else) as traitors. More significantly, MNS does not seem to be cooperating. Astute politicians like Zardari will soon get the hint (if they have not already got it) that there is not going to be a coup and its time to stand aside and let the ISI expose itself and its remaining supporters for what they are: people out of step with Pakistani political reality. (Look at the dozens or at most hundreds of people showing up to wave pro-ISI posters at rallies).

That leaves Imran Khan.

As expected, he has miscalculated. Thinking this whole sorry scheme of things entire may be wound up soon, he has boldly stepped forward (after waffling for a few days) and has now discovered that GEO is the enemy and he is ready to boycott them.
By doing so he stands ready to lose either way:

1. He is wrong and MNS and GEO both survive this episode, leaving him with abundant egg on his face after yet another failed "mobilization/revolution".


2. He has picked the "winning side" and the deep state will kill GEO and MNS (killing one without the other is not likely to be much help) on May 11th (the day Khan sahib and Canadian-gun-for-hire Tahir Ul Qadri are supposed to launch their campaign against this "corrupt system"). What then? He will find himself marked as a supporter of what will surely be Pakistan's last and least successful coup. The inevitable disasters that follow will end his political career (and possibly more that that).

I present to you, Imran Khan, leader with impeccable (bad) timing:

Imran khan boycott on geo by zemtv

PS: foreign friends unfamiliar with the tenor of the campaign against Hamid Mir may understand better after an example. Here it is:

Hamid Meer and His Credentials
By Shah A Siddiqui

The episode of Hamid Meer is quite intriguing and merits comprehensive  investigation from the concerned authorities including the government and the independent agencies. He is a celebrated journalist with an executive portfolio in the GEO group. He has survived the attack on his life which not  short of a miracle. He is in the hospital and reported to be gradually recovering. Hopefully he would fully recover and join his family and his profession once again with the same spirit and zeal that he has always been displaying during his tenure in the field of journalism.

But factually the conduct and character of Hamid Meer has never been above board and he has remained under suspicion for his pro India stand and intensive publicity in favor of India. One of the manifestations and his controversial role is to be favorable towards India is the mission” Aman KI Asha” that the GEO television and affiliated newspapers have been drumming  up for several years now. ‘Aman Ki Asha’ apparently was an initiative launched together by India and the GEO and Jung Group of newspapers with lots of fanfare. Of course, such a high profile campaign cannot be carried on with meager means or alone by the finances raised by the Jang group. The funds and certainly in huge scale must have also been contributed by the other counterpart which is in this case is India.

As such when Hamid Meer has never been critical in the Indian role with regard to her suppression of the Kashmiri people and building of reportedly 22 dams on the water flowing down the rivers entering Pakistan ultimately causing drought and famine in Pakistan then independent observer start smelling something fishy. This inexplicable attitude on the part of Hamid Meer and his group of companies becomes more dubious  when he never let any chance go in reviling and defiling ISI and for that matter the Pakistan’s Armed forces.

Those people who believe that he has been attacked by the ISI for his support for the missing people of Baluchistan are outrightly mistaken or misguided.  The truth is that Baluchistan crisis has been lingering ever since the creation of Paksitan. If somebody wants to compare Baluch separatist with some other groups of saboteurs then the best prototype would be Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka. It is a well know fact that Pakistan came into being with the consent of the Baluchi people to join Pakistan. But over a period of time some self-styled liberators, supported and supervised by the local Sardars and feudal thugs launched a movement to cut that part from Pakistan like the former East Pakistan. The East Pakistan separation took place because of the Indian Army’s blatant intervention in East Pakistan that was a sheer violation of the international coveants governing the interstate realtions. The Mukti Bahini is similar to Baluch Liberation Army and incidentally, in this case too, India is supporting this separatist movement by remote control. India wants Baluchistan to be separated to secede from Pakistan for  the explicit reasons.

The most overriding reason is the Guwador port built and managed by the Chinese which India does not not like because her rivalry with China. So once pro-Indian elements take charge  of Baluchistan (God forbid) the Chinese presence would be over or jeopardized and India could take over. That’s scenario is far fetched. But if East Pakistan can secede and East European  countries can get  out of the Russian orbit then anything is possible.

It is only the Pakistan army and ISI that have thus far successfully managed to thwart Indian malicious designs in further dismembering Pakistan. NowHamid Mir  created an anti-Pakistan storm for a few missing individuals to please India and to defame ISI and Pakistan army and even to be agreeable to truncate Pakistan. It is a sinster conspiracy which must be condemned and blocked by all possible means.

Hamid Meer is blowing out of proportions, the case of a missing person from Baluchistan, but does not talk RAW’s insidious role in Baluchistan and killing and kidnapping thousands of Kashmiris. This tendency  speaks for the duplicity and hypocrisy that Hamid Meir and his cohorts seem to suffer  from.  The truth is that to blame ISI, point blank by him and his brother Aamir Meir is purposely an effort which seems to be preconceived and a mindset that was tailored for this kind of propaganda. It is therefore incumbent upon ISI and Pakistan army to clarify their position which has been immensely tarnished as a result of  attack on Hamid Meer. One can  watch round the clock anti-Pakistan poisonous propaganda on Indian media not only against Pakistan government but also ISI and Pakistan army. Understandably India and Hamid Meer group appear to be on the same page and talking the same language and blowing the same trumpet.

The Pakistan army and ISI have always been targeted for protecting their motherland and saving lives of Pakistanis, whether fighting against India, fighting against Taliban and other terrorist organization. Our army and ISI have been blamed for defending the integrity and the land of the motherland in 1971 when Indian RAW and Indian army helped Mukti Bahini separatist to fight against the Pakistan army in the result East Pakistan was separated from us. BUT it is so unfortunate that instead of criticizing the Mukti Bahi, Indian RAW and Indian army our own “patriotic” Pakistani citizens condemned and tried to defame the army. The most popular puppets of India and Bangladesh are “Group of Five” patriotic Pakistanis who have been declared “Friends of Bangladesh” and awarded the highest civil award of Bangladesh last year on March 24, 2013.  The recipients of awards from Pakistan are primarily those whose fathers had opposed Army action in then East Pakistan and criticized the Pakistani regime. The prize was conferred for the reason of condemning Pakistan army who was struggling to keep his country from the culprits and enemies of Pakstanon. Hamid Meer’s father Prof. Waris Meer was one of those five “Friends of Bangladesh”. He was nominated for the award on the basis of his views about the 1971 military action in East Pakistan, He wrote hundred of columns against the army and against the Pakistani government, but at that time his columns were not allowed to publish, but later in 1985 the Jang group published all those columns in the book and the Bangladeshi Prime Minister was pleased to see the articles of a citizen of Pakistan who humiliated his own army and government. Four others were Salima Hashmy the daughter of Poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Asma Jahangir, the daughter of Malik Ghulam Jilani; Hasil Bux Bizenjo, the son of Ghaus Bux Bizenjo and the daughter of Habib Jalib. 

Shame on Salima Hashmy who said at the ceremony that “Paksitan government should formally apologize to the people of Bangladesh for the atrocities committed by the Pakistan occupation army during the war of Independence of Bangladesh” The Pakistani forces was not an occupied force but they were fighting on their own land to save it from the enemies. Pity. NOT only this, but when she arrived back from this anti Pakistan statement in Bangladesh Salima Hashmy was also presented by the government of Punjab by another “patriotic” interim Chief Minister of Punjab Najam Sethi nominated her provincial Minister for the console. Najam Sethi, who himself figured prominently in the Baluch insurgency in the seventies.

Today it is time for the Pakistan Army and ISI to act and file an FIR against the allegation of shooting Hamid Meer by the victim’s brother Amir Meer and GEO and Jung group of Publications. A considerable time has been passed, but no FIR has been filed so far by the victim’s family which is astounding. This blame game against ISI and Pakistan army should come to an end for ever after a judicial commission and other private commission reports comes out in public.

Our Pakistan army is # 1 in the world if we demoralize our army then who will confront the foes. The Pakistani nation is alive today because of our army. God bless Pakistan and God bless our Pakistan army.

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