Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sardar Ahmad

Killing (muslim) journalists is not good for propaganda but then the Taliban is not usually known for finesse.

Also the teenage soldiers cant seem to (understandably) shoot straight, the two year old baby of Ahmad did manage to survive (still in ICU).  

Perhaps one day he will try to avenge the actions of the killers of his parents and becoming a journalist. Best wishes for the kid who (thankfully) does not understand the scope of his loss.

One more feather in the cap for the ISI (as the Afghans are calling it).

The Guardian links to the last story that Ahmad filed before he died.

Kabul zoo on Tuesday unveiled its new star attraction – Marjan the lion, who lived on a rooftop in the city until being rescued by animal welfare officials last year when close to death.

A businessman in the Afghan capital had bought the male lion cub as a status symbol for $20,000, and kept his pet on a roof terrace.

But the fast-growing cat was seriously ill when Kabul municipal officials tracked him down last October. "We found him in a very dire condition. He was almost dead. He couldn't move. He couldn't even raise his head," vet Abdul Qadir Bahawi told AFP. "We were not sure that he would survive. But our efforts paid off, and he is much better. Now he loves to play with us. I think he loves us a lot."

Marjan is named after a famous half-blind lion who lived at Kabul zoo and became a symbol of Afghanistan's national survival after living through coups, invasions, civil war and the hardline Taliban era, before dying in 2002. The first Marjan, born in 1976, was blinded by a grenade thrown by a soldier whose brother had been killed after entering his cage.

Government inspectors took him from the owner and started an intense five-month rehabilitation programme at the zoo to bring him back to health, including regular massage and physiotherapy sessions.
....Afghanistan said an attack on a Kabul hotel that left nine civilians dead, including an AFP journalist, was planned "outside the country" in a veiled reference to Pakistan.

The NSC said the attack on the hotel, which was carried out by four teenage gunmen and claimed by the Taliban, was in fact the work of "foreign intelligence services" — a phrase normally meant to mean neighboring Pakistan.

"Witness testimony and preliminary information analysis shows that this terrorist attack was directly executed or carried out by foreign intelligence services outside the country," the council said in a statement.

"Another information of the NDS (National Directorate of Security) shows that earlier when one Pakistani diplomat entered the Kabul-Serena hotel to use its sport club, he filmed the corridors of the hotel which the hotel staff raised objections to," it added.

The victims of Thursday's attack included AFP journalist Sardar Ahmad, his wife and two of their three children, along with another Afghan and four foreigners — two Canadians, an American and a Paraguayan. The couple's youngest son, two-year-old Abozar, survived with bullet wounds to the head, chest and leg and remained in intensive care today.

Afghanistan made a similar allegation following a deadly restaurant bombing in Kabul in January that killed 21 people including 13 foreigners.


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