Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The real difference between Pak and Bangla

This event serves as a timely reminder of the realities (and contrasts) of Pak and Bangla societies of today. Unlike the Awami League ruled ex-Pakistanis, individuals/communities in Pakistan facing accusations of blasphemy will not have the police and the law on their side.

Another way of looking at the same issue is to consider the number of muslims in Pakistan who have faced the brunt of blasphemy accusations, and the number of (falsely accused) people who are condemned to lifetime in prison in order to protect themselves from societal fury.

That said, in the long run the fast-track and slow-track (cleansing) plot-lines are likely to merge and both lands will achieve Hindu-free status. This may actually help reduce strife in South Asia (peace of the graveyard) so this is not completely a bad thing. However the effects of polarization will be the most severe on the unprotected minorities (which includes free-thinking people). That will certainly be a tragedy and must be avoided at all costs.
A mob of nearly 3,000 attacked Hindu households and a temple in eastern Bangladesh after two youths from the community allegedly insulted the Prophet Muhammad on Facebook.

Police on Monday arrested 17 people, including the principal of Bagmara Madrasa, for the attack on the temple and over two dozen households at Homna in Comilla district, about 100km south east of Dhaka, last week.

Locals and police said teachers and students of eight madrasas in Homna upazila led the assault on Hindus at Baghsitarampur village.

Twenty-eight families have been affected in the attacks.
A mob of nearly 3,000 carried out the attacks and looted belongings of the Hindus, most of whom were poor farmers and fishermen.

Villagers said a call was made from the loudspeakers at Jamia Arabia Islami Emdadul Ulum Madrasa at Rampur village near Baghsitarampur to launch the attack on Hindus.
Before the assault, leaflets were distributed for the last several days in the madrasas claiming that two Hindu youths had slandered the prophet in a Facebook post April 27.

Police arrested the principal of Bagmara Madrasa at Muradnaga in connection with the attacks. However, the main accused, Nazrul Islam, who took the lead in distributing the leaflets is still at large.
Link: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/bangladeshi-hindus-attacked-comilla-district-prophet-muhammad-bodo-militants-bangladeshi-muslims/1/359195.html

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