Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shudra is king!!!!!!!!!!!

OK this is an emotional moment for us. We never thought this day would come. 

A Brahmin president (who could have been PM if only the fucking dynasty did not interfere) hands over the baton to a Shudra- representing majority India (yes, this is one of the privileges of democracy). It is no less a moment than Obama ascending the throne, except that there is some unfinished business. A Dalit PM should happen (fairly soon) and a Muslim PM as well. Why not? All Indians should be allowed to dream.

Narendra Modi, generally perceived as a 'strong' leader, turned emotional and broke down on Tuesday as he welcomed his election as the leader of the BJP Parliamentary Party. He choked and had to take water before regaining his posture.

To PM-elect Modi we have only  two requests - we are not amongst his supporters (but we wish him all the best) so we count for very little - please stay focused on economics and please break down the wall that exists between you and muslims. You are the strong-man in spite of your tears on the stage, you need to be gracious in victory. 
Link: http://indianexpress.com/photos/picture-gallery-others/narendra-modi-breaks-down-during-emotional-speech-at-central-hall/#modi-157

PS Advani's expression as he witnesses Modi's emotions running over is an all-time classic  

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