Friday, May 23, 2014

Dr God

Some twenty years ago we remember watching a really scary movie named "Malice" involving Jed (doctor, Alec Baldwin), Andy (professor, Bill Pulman) and his wife Tracy (arts teacher, Nicole Kidman). There is a dramatic moment in the movie when the (not so) good Doctor declares that as far as medicine is concerned, he is God (this is how liberals like Aaron Sorkin have fun at the expense of conservatives....dont you know how bad all this God/religion thingy is??).
While at the police station delivering a semen sample, Andy learns his wife has been hospitalized and is being operated on by Jed. In removing one of Tracy's ovaries, which has ruptured due to a cyst, Jed discovers Tracy is pregnant, but the stress of the procedure causes the fetus to abort.
Another doctor notices that Tracy's other ovary is torsed and appears necrotic. Jed consults with Andy and advises him to agree to the removal of Tracy's second ovary, rather than risk her life. Andy painfully agrees, since this will mean that Tracy can never have children. Jed overrules the protests of other doctors that the ovary might still be healthy and he removes it. The second ovary was in fact healthy. Jed, rather than bury the report, faces the consequences of his actions.
At a deposition, Jed's attorney Lester Adams (Josef Sommer) learns his client had been drinking prior to the surgery. His case is not helped when Jed responds to an accusation that he has a God complex by declaring that as far as medicine is concerned, he is God. His insurance company settles with Tracy for $20 million. She leaves Andy, not forgiving him for the loss of her ability to ever have children.

So, that was fantasy and this (below) is reality. We can understand something like this happening in wild India but how can a (serial) murderous doctor survive in the USA? We were under the (false) impression that there exist online guides which advise you if a doctor ever had any malpractice lawsuit brought against him/her. If not, why not?

In any case, just to be on the safe side, while in New York, please avoid any dentist named Dr Patel, or better yet, boycott all brown dentists (he may change his name??). The life that you may end up saving will be your own.

The license of an Indian dentist was revoked in the US after he attempted to extract 20 teeth from the mouth of a 64-year-old woman in one sitting which led to her death.

The dentist, Dr Rashmi Patel was performing the procedure on Judith Gan on February 17 when she gurgled and lost consciousness.

The procedure included placing implants in the woman's mouth after removing the teeth, according to the New York Daily News.

The paper quoted Patel's assistant as saying that he had requested him to stop the procedure before calling the emergency services. "He wanted to complete the placement of implants as the assistant begged Patel to stop working, and finally ran out and called 911, but the patient had already flat-lined," the state department of public health wrote in a report.

"The four count petition found, among an array of other misdeeds, that Patel deviated from standard of care in that he did not timely and properly respond to Gan's oxygen desaturation and/or respiratory distress and/or cardio-pulmonary distress," state records reported.

"Gan did not have to die to receive this dental treatment and it is because of Patel's negligence that she died," said a dentist who was asked to review the case for the department of health.

Patel's license, issued in 2003, was suspended on April 21 pending a June 18 hearing in front of the state dental commission. Patel runs two clinics in Enfield and Torrington.

"Patel has been ordered to stay away from his patients after one died and another spent six days in the hospital," state health officials said.

The horror of Gan's botched procedure came after a December incident, when a 55-year-old man "aspirated the throat pack" and was rushed to the hospital. The victim stopped breathing and spent six days in the hospital after suffering heart and lung damage.

Patel was also sued for malpractice by a former employee in 2009 after he performed "shoddy" dental work. Doreen Jasonis won nearly $500,000 from a jury in 2011, but the ruling was appealed and eventually ended with an out-of-court settlement.

The dentist's attorney says both clinics remain open and that Patel will fight the charges.



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