Monday, May 19, 2014

Ummah firster vs. Dharma firster

People, in general do not have the fortitude to digest Pankaj Mishra's million word masterpieces. Thanks to Omar we now have a primer so to speak. But what is still needed is a pithy  picture-in-a-box. We have described this epic fight for India's soul as one between the Ummah-firsters and Dharma-firsters.

The Ummah firsters are firm in their conviction that the masses will any day rise in revolt against the diabolical ruling class composed of upper-caste baniyas and brahmins (this is also the view of leading thinkers such as Pankaj Mishra and Arundhati Roy). A lower caste-Muslim alliance will bring back the fading glories of the Delhi Sultanate. These people need to study carefully the case of Jogendranath Mandal. To make a long story short, during Partition I, Mandal betrayed his fellow Hindu "enemies" and was in turn betrayed by his Muslim "friends," his community of low-caste (kaibarta) Bangladeshi Hindus would either face genocide (in Partition II) or ethnic cleansing in the coming decades. 

The Dharma firsters basically want to apply the old-fashioned Abrahamic principle to all minorities: re-convert or die. In doing so they disavow the Hindu rule book which does not allow for re-conversion (caste will remain indeterminate, so the newcomers can only be out-castes). As far as mass killing goes, India is clearly not China. There will be plenty of massacres but nothing that will make any dent in the demographics. Minorities will not only grow in India, at some point (just like in the USA) the minorities will turn into majorities in Bengal, Axom, and elsewhere. If the BJP wants to become the natural ruling party of India (taking over from the Congress) then it will need to find a way to seek muslim votes without inflicting pain (or fear of pain).
Ummah Firster view: Modi's election marks the beginning of a dark period of Indian history. Modi is a fascist, who has every tendency to become a dictator. He is a bedfellow of corrupt tycoons like Ambani and Adani. He is a leader of khaki wearing, stick wielding gangs of the RSS (modeled after Hitler Youth). Those who are celebrating Modi's rise to power should remember that Modi is after all a member of RSS, the organization that was responsible for assassinating M.K. Gandhi, the father of independent India. Let us not forget that Hitler was once elected by the German people. The rest is history. Those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it. My heart bleeds for India. I hope India survives Modi.




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