Saturday, May 31, 2014

May-day(s) were quite the Pay-day(s)

A message from the desk-clerk's desk.

May was supposedly a  decent month for BP, no doubt driven by some election news somewhere in far-off Brown land. This was the third month in a row that we have crossed the 200 postings mark.

The Bosses have made it known that they are not displeased with the page-view counts or whatever other indices that are used to benchmark our performance. Normally this would lead to some idle chatter about bonus and what not amongst the working classes...but what with zero hour contracts and all that, the revolutionary spirit is sadly lacking.

However we comrades are always ready to march out the door if an inspirational leader comes by. Just thought we would let you know.

On the human resources front we have been blessed with a bright, young chap who is an elite (comes from an exclusive educational background) yet rooted in the soil that we all love. We have great expectations....yet it must be said...yeh dil mange more. You lazy bums (sorry most honored readers) why dont you step up and contribute a bit as well?

BTW if there are any suggestions for improvement please pass them on and we will try our best to get the curry condiments and floral arrangements just right. 

To end this message, we must give our usual, awe-struck salaams and kurnish-es to the one and only Doctor Sahib. A single post of the Great Man is approaching has touched 7000 page-views (with no slowing down in sight). It is always a pleasure  to watch (and learn from) the master at work. Thanks to all others who have contributed as well.

Finally, we did make an appeal on the spam that has infected the comments. For such a smart, happening site this is the only fly in the ointment. Hopefully the management will get the heavy artillery out and do the needful.

warm regards


  1. More coherently written articles would be appreciated. Also, the formatting with all this colouring and sizing makes the blog tacky as well as unreadable.
    I find that the blog, of late, has become more of a news board rather than a place with interesting insights and thoughtful discussion. The content and the participation has become heavily India-centric. You may want to work on addressing this.
    This seemed like an open thread so I am putting out a couple of cents here.