Monday, May 26, 2014

(neo)Maoism for memory loss (in 3 steps)

Sometimes it takes just one line (or a few words) to make things crystal clear. Normally when we talk about totalitarian ideologies we have only a vague understanding of what it means (and we working class folks pride ourselves in being intellectually, a grade above trust-fund a-holes).  
In our opinion, the quote below* fairly captures the sentiment and motivation of Mao, and possibly that of the neo-Maoists, who yearn intensely for utopia on earth.
In Mao’s terms, suffering clears your head — even death clears your head, using “your” in the plural. China had suffered for hundreds of years, becoming enslaved by people they considered barbarians.  
When Mao says “chaos” he’s not talking like that trust-fund asshole in your dorm who used to spray-paint circles with an ‘A’ in the middle when he was sure nobody was looking.  
He’s talking about mass death for generation after generation. That’s how you get a clear head: you sweep all the “human, all too human” baggage out of it. Once you have that “mind of winter,” you can face down the nukes easily. Which he did. 

If any Dear Leader is planning to be implement this "chaos" plan in India today, he or she must have the fortitude (and vision) to get rid of people located at the bottom of the pyramid (which is where most people live). Maoists however may argue that in order to remove mental baggage of the society most effectively, we must start (and finish) with the bourgeoisie because it is they who tend to have the longest memories (this is how it worked in the cultural revolution as well).

A three step program is suggested
(1) We have 40% of the country suffering from malnutrition, so they must be at the head of the queue (memories of extreme poverty will go with them).
(2) Next up the order will be muslims and christians. Off with their heads as well (memories of colonization over a thousand years will vanish). 
(3) Depending on our tolerance level for enhanced culling, we can perhaps eliminate all except the (neo) middle class, which clocks in at about 20% of the population.

The principal payoff for having sent 1 Bil people to the gas chambers will be that the memories of mass poverty and colonization will be lost for good. That would indeed make India a wonderful place to live in. Not to forget, there will be now many more kids who are trust-fund a-holes.


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