Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The truth will always out

...and even the worm will finally turn (no, we are not fond of  the emperor/clothes stuff).

TH Mustafa, a veteran Congressman from Kerala, is like a refreshing breath of air. There is definitely a tinge of sadness (for Congress supporters) about what could have been if only Mr Joker had the humility to remove himself as not fit for purpose.

This much is true. Priyanka can still save Congress by invoking her grand-mother's spirit, but then she has to get her first love out of the way..the corrupt and arrogant first damad. She should talk to another princess on her way up- Maryam Nawaz Sharif. When dear Dad (PM Sharif) punished dear Hubby with an iron rod, MNS acknowledged that people must act in the best interests of the party and the nation or pay a heavy price.
Blaming Rahul Gandhi for the party's electoral reverses in the Lok Sabha election, a senior leader in Kerala on Wednesday termed the Congress vice-president a "joker" and demanded he be removed from his posts if he does not step down voluntarily. 


T H Mustafa, a former minister, also demanded Gandhi's sister Priyanka Gandhi be made the new party chief.

Addressing reporters here, Mustafa said that Gandhi should quit from his post and if he does not, he should be removed.
"Rahul behaved like a joker and that's the reason why the Congress suffered a major reversal in the Lok Sabha polls. The role of a prime minister is not child's play and the people knew it and handed out the worst defeat to the Congress party.
"He should take responsibility and quit and if not he should be removed and Priyanka Gandhi should be made the new president of the party," he said.
"His (Rahul's) mad style of working using computer and internet and in the company of a group of CWC members who only praise whatever he does has caused this defeat. It's unfortunate that even A K Antony belongs to this group," said Mustafa, a former minister in the K Karunakaran cabinet (1991-95) and five-time legislator, known for openly attacking top leaders of his party.



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  1. Everybody says Priyanka can save INC. I don't see any evidence that she has the talent for it. She only looks better when compared to Rahul, but that is a ridiculously low bar.

    The dynasty can't save Congress, and neither can it survive without the dynasty. It is done.