Friday, May 16, 2014

Couple of thoughts.

(1.) Chetan Bhagat is going for the kill; separate laws for Kashmir & Muslim is the basis of Indian secularism. Will the permanent rightward shift in India (in identity) mean that this majority will hold? Not necessarily but to look at Israel while the Knesset is full of coalition it's definitely Likud taking the lead (though Israel interestingly enough doesn't do dynastic politics - yet).

(2.) India has done what Pakistan has done last year since PML-N is a mirror of the BJP. Remember when these two parties last faces each other in the late 90's there was nuclear testing. 

(3.) On a more personal topic my sleeping hours have dramatically shrunk (5hrs). It seems to be down to a combination of chewing sugar cane before bed (so I don't wake up with low sugar or a headache), having a warm room and readjusting my pillow to only support the arch of my neck. Either way it seems to be a good development..

1 comment:

  1. Sleep is good, sir. 5hrs a day is not enough. Get 8 at least.