Thursday, July 10, 2014

Now we know (who you are)

The world of BPeeps (as we imagine it) is pretty pish-posh. An insight into the life-style that we would love to follow (if we had the money). For now we can only find release in idle envy and non-lethal barbs (no occupy movement for us).

The propaganda is intended to be soft (focused on women) but ends up looking a bit silly (in our opinion).

Nice pix, gonad busting (slightly scary) lady.

Genuinely likeable case #1. Sana Mir is a role model for all of us.

We are not sure of the propaganda value of this picture. It used to be that rich people would employ domestics from the village (gaon). Now they have upgraded to imported labor from the Philippines. Also, what is an educationalist??

This is the place where the super-rich will send their kids to learn about the nice things of life. The music instructor plays the sophisticated piano (not the ridiculous harmonium) and he is dressed appropriately in a suit and a tie.

A cozy throne for the little emperor.

She is a health-specialist and she smokes? We really dig the rebellious spirit....if we were a cool teenage girl that is.

Looks like a villain in a Bond movie (why not females?).

Genuinely likeable case #2

The inevitable band of brothers, much better than smoking hookah together.

Artists smoking the hookah (this is also alarmingly popular amongst rebellious youth in the USA)





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