Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A motorway crash in Wales

Tariq Ali writes on his London Review of Books (LRB) blog:
On Wednesday I received four calls from the BBC’s Good Morning Wales.
First morning call: was I available to be interviewed about Gaza tomorrow morning? I said yes.
First afternoon call: could I tell them what I would say? I said (a) Israel was a rogue state, pampered and cosseted by the US and its vassals.  
(b) Targeting and killing Palestinian children (especially boys) and blaming the victims was an old Israeli custom. 
(c) The BBC coverage of Palestine was appalling and if they didn’t cut me off I would explain how and why.
Second afternoon call: was I prepared to debate a pro-Israeli? I said yes.
Afternoon message left on my phone: terribly sorry. There’s been a motorway crash in Wales, so we’ve decided to drop your item.

An alert reader takes the hint and responds:

Seems like Israel is expanding its ground operations while the world’s attentions are diverted elsewhere…




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