Sunday, July 20, 2014

Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania

My fiancée was in the mood to watch Bollywood and I happily obliged. Even though my brothers are married to desis, both sister in laws are born abroad. Only mine is an Indian (with her mother's relatives spread over Gujarat and her dather's in the South & abroad; the great Sindhi-NRI diaspora at work). 

Anyway back to my point that I watched the film and it was pretty decent; they could have made it better with a subtle (yet effective plot twist). It was reasonably dark (and erotic, welcome to modern India) for a Bollywood film but I remember reading that apparently the more licentious & libertine the society the less libido which makes sense (people won't pay to get an orgasm, they pay for the build up to the said effect).

Alia Bhatt is fast capturing the Kareena Kapoor market of feisty Punjabi heroines (this movie seems like a remake of jab we met) but other than that Bollywoods ongoing sophistication and canny lay testament as to why it's such an effective global counterweight to Hollywood in certain parts of the world (then again Filipino soaps are popular in Kampala). 

Good on India for leading on soft culture.

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