Thursday, July 17, 2014

Around the world!

As I'm spending my summer in London (I'm beginning to tinker with the notion that summer period May-Oct in the Northern Hemisphere, the rest in the Southern) and collecting my various thoughts I'm starting to notice the world again.

(1) the Malaysian airlines crash is a real shocker especially since I remember on my commute to work in march in Uganda the news was simply M370 and Ukraine. Now somehow the stories have shockingly and unimaginably collidle (Malaysian aircraft crashes in the Ukraine!) Also I remember a very well-connected friend darkly suggesting to me at the time that there was more than meets the eye and that the two events (Ukraine & Malaysia disappearance) were connected on a more profound level than I imagined. I dismissed him at the time however the immediate news has made me incline to believe.

(2) as we are mid-way through the fasting period I must give a heads up to the Muslims who are doing 17hr fasts or whatever it is (in the northern hemisphere). I had a Very pleasant fasting period in March (for the Baha'i fasts), it was a long 12 hrs but it was enerverating and kick started my current super-healthy phase.

(3) finally an Indian was remarking to me that they found that Pakistanis had a spark that was lost in Indians. The reasoning being that Indians were fairly straightforward in their goals (money, success, sex or whatever) whereas Pakistanis are so conflicted and convulated that they have to develop very eccentric and interesting characters to cope. A certainly interesting thought..

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