Sunday, April 20, 2014

World of riches awaits (perfect SAT score)

He is a just a kid filled with dreams, but for now it is closer to reality with admissions to Stanford and Harvard. Another Indian who will do very well for himself in the USA (hopefully morning shows what the day will be).

However it will be great if he can come back and give something back to his impoverished nation. That "something" need not be idle money, but ideas about how to create jobs (he wants to be an entrepreneur), and develop algorithms that would help cut down waste and remove the stain of corruption from our daily lives (his preferred majors are maths and computer science).

Congratulations to Arunavha (and his family for support).
A 19-year-old boy from the city has received admission offers from seven top US varsities, most of them Ivy League, after achieving a perfect score in SAT, the standardized examination for admission to American colleges....Arunavha Chanda had applied to eight US universities and got through seven — Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Duke, Cornelle, Georgia Institute of Technology and Dartmouth College. He has got prestigious scholarships from Columbia and Duke and financial aid from the rest as they do not offer scholarships at under-graduate level.

Arunavha and his mother Bani, a doctor and hospital administrator who gave up her job to take care of him when he was in class V, are now researching on the universities to check which has the best to offer. His father Amitabha is a consultant neurosurgeon.

At Columbia, Arunavha has been offered the prestigious C. Prescott Davis scholarship, awarded to the best engineering/applied sciences students across the world. As a CP Davis scholar, he has the opportunity to enter the university as an elite student and work on projects alongside 102 Nobel Laureate alumni and faculty. Duke has offered him the Karsh International Scholarship, the first to an Indian.

Arunavha sailed through with a perfect 2400/2400 in SAT, scoring full 800 in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Level II. Having topped every year from class II to XII, scoring over 90% in all subjects, his academic record was exceptional. In addition, he has won gold medals at Olympiads and achieved international ranks of 4 and 7 in Cyber Olympiads and has figured among the top 10 in Science and Math Olympiads. Arunavha is also a three-time national champion in quizzing (he won the Limca Book of Records Quiz 2011 at the national level), was the school head boy, president of the Interact Club and a stage actor.
Arunavha wants to study Computer Science and Engineering, do a second major in Mathematics and a degree course in Theatre.


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