Saturday, April 26, 2014

Beautiful people have it the worst

We really should exercise much more care when talking about beautiful people like Nargis Fakhri. The poor girl recently came in for some harsh treatment on the Koffee With Karan (KWK) show (Karan as in Karan Johar, the super-boss of Bollywood).

As she says, people consider her (unfairly) to be just a dumb, pretty face, and she wants to set the record straight...she is a talented, pretty face who hustled hard to find a royal patron who is duly appreciative of her talents (and her beauty).

It is not poor Nargis's fault that she was born beautiful. The attention that she has been showered with since childhood must have been a heavy cross to bear. Also she is really tall (5'9" !!!) and as we know tall girls have limited match-up choices. Not for Nargis, thankfully. She has Bollywood royalty as a boyfriend (Uday Chopra, son of the late legendary producer Yash Chopra).* 

All in all, life is so harsh, so un-yielding for these tall, beautiful, super (wo)men who strive day after day to raise the spirits of the common (wo)man. Superficial beauty aside, Nargis is one tough lady and she has the will to win, fighting, scrambling, and hustling till the game is won. No shame in that, only glory. BTW, she also has a new movie just coming out (Main Tera Hero). Best of luck, Nargis!!!
*( If a filmi boss proposes to an upcoming starlet this is rightfully condemned as a casting couch case. However if the girl herself manages to hook-up with the boss and jump to the head of the queue it is admired as a sign of personal initiative) 

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