Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Subverting the discourse; using the colour card

Maybe I read too much of Steve Sailer & the alternative sites. Maybe it's cuz I'm in Africa and see so much of the paternalism condescension of Muzungu NGO workers but I'm beginning to get awfully bored of our mainstream sanctimonious attitude towards "rights" (be it class, gender, race or orientation).

It's increasingly leading to a culture of hypocrisy in the public sphere but a shadow culture, where such vices flourish. As long as you espouse the "correct" views in public you can get away with practically anything short of murder in the real clubby elitist world that these movers & shakers actually occupy.

It's maybe a sign of the times when a Great Civilisation on the wane doesn't have much else to do but fight imaginary wars all the while not offering any real solutions.

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