Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Travel Advisory for women

It is indeed a sign of the times. Ahmedabad (ruled by a single man of the backward caste, tea-selling, hindu volunteer variety) has been voted superior as compared to Chennai (ruled by a single woman, of the aristocratic, convent educated, super-caste variety) in that most hazardous travel category- (single) women.

The maximum city only rates a poor #4. Also Pune > Bangalore.

Taking everything else into account (especially weather) I would vote for Pune as the best place to live in India right now, but my heart belongs to cosmopolitan Mumbai.

This is also an opportunity to wish everybody the best (also in advance) for Women's day. Without women the world is all a bit of nothingness.

"Ahmedabad garnered 86 % votes and was followed by Pune at 84 % and Bangalore at 81 %. Mumbai, which was number one in 2013, received only 72% votes," stated the survey released ahead of Women's Day by TripAdvisor. 

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