Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"We are here to stay"

...."I visited him (Imran Khan) in the hospital and he congratulated me....he will play the role of a constructive opposition...Imran invited me to Bani Gala.....assured me he is with the government in all steps taken in good faith" ..... 
After a long, long wait....hopeful (wise) words for Pakistan (from Pakistan). We want to see a decisive leader, not a fire-breather, neither a passive observer.
Amid mounting pressure from protesters to quit as Pakistan's Prime Minister, a defiant Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday refused to resign saying the country has survived "difficult times" and the current political crisis too shall pass.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Where are all the good men?

...imagine the talk among Asians in Rotherham.....Good people will feel shame..... Lots instead will blame the victims.....girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.....lured with cheap gifts and false affection....children seen as trash, by rapists as well as the authorities, including the police......
It seems all our societies are struggling to deal with angry young men. Earlier there used to be epidemics, wars, and famines that helped in "mowing the lawn," to reduce the burden of young men who have nothing to live their lives for, nothing to look forward to. Simultaneously, women are now coming out of the shadows and they are also less willing to tolerate nonsense. Hence the men are facing crisis once again: you may still take out your frustrations at work by beating up the lady at home, but society (not just the law) is much less forgiving these days.

We have never thought much about the love jihad narrative, but the role of society in trampling the wishes of men over women must not be under estimated. Why should men today get social sanction for multiple marriages (all communities do it)?

Even worse, why should men be allowed to get away with abusing women for decades as the men in charge look the other way? Why did the courageous few fathers who attempted to rescue their daughters get arrested instead? Why did the victims themselves get arrested for drinking problems? Why did it take four reports over ten years for the police to acknowledge serious problems? Why was there no community outreach to the women (whites as well as minorities)?

Given powerful evidence of industrial scale sexual abuse, why are there still no public naming and shaming of the responsible officials? Why does it have to be women such as Prof Alexis Jay and Yasmin Alibhai Brown (see below) to stand up for other (all) women?

There have been a few heroes such as Andrew Norfolk of the Times who blew the whistle on the piss-poor performance of the Rotherham police and the child services. We wish there were more folks like him.

Society needs more good men who will lead the youngsters to a path filled with hope, instead of anger. Perhaps an institute for developing male leaders in the new age? Less of the old, my way or the highway boss, more of the enlightened leader-servant. Else we will be on a fast-track to a broken the men fall down, they will also drag the women along with them.
.......................... on child sexual abuse in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, between 1997 and 2013: About 1,400 children were sexually exploited in Rotherham over a 16-year period, although no one knows the true scale of exploitation over the years. In more than a third of these cases the youngsters were already known to child protection agencies.

How the smallest reflects grand ideas

Pakistan as a spoil of war

So the PTI, an urban Punjab party, marched from the heart of the Punjab, Lahore, to the north of the Punjab, Islamabad, to demand power from PML-N, a rural-industrial Punjab party while the Punjabi dominated Army looks on. Where does Pakistan actually come into this highly entertaining Punjabi spectacle?

It all comes crashing down