Friday, March 21, 2014

This (investor visa) nest will cost you a million bucks

There are 10 million millionaires in the USA (and 30 million semi- and deci-millionaires).

In contrast India has only 180K. Still visa benefits are available if you invest a million bucks in the USA (there is a similar program in the UK as well). Things may change if the new immigration bill passes (it will not).

Assuming that you are a well-off minority or a liberal (or both). You are (justifiably) not a fan of Hindutva raising its head in your homeland. This is perhaps a good time to migrate to the West- the safe haven for minorities and liberals world-wide (made extra safe by checking every word of your emails/posts/letters....).

Here is a helpful chart which informs you on how much square footage you can get out of your million bucks. One thing to keep in mind- Detroit is not a very good choice.