Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thanks Whats App

Sometimes we worry that the generation that is growing up is turning out to be a bit more aggressive and insensitive than previously. Partly it comes from being chained to the (3) screens. Children nowadays barely have time to talk to older people- tech dinosaurs who dont really get what an app is.

BTW aggression is good if put to good use and in today's world displaying the right amount of aggro is crucial. If you are seen to be a softy too many (cruel, ambitious) people will run over you.

But then how about civility? Should we not worry about teaching youngsters to be civil to others?  Bullying is a serious concern, lives are scarred (sometimes permanently) because of bullying.

My fear is that we are targeting the wrong crowd. It is the grown-ups..ourselves.. who need to be cautioned about our behavior, to lead (and demonstrate) by example. 

If children are found to be behaving thuggishly, focus on the vicious parents and penalize them. Leave the kids alone, let them watch and (hopefully) learn.

Finally, banning mobiles in school will be counter-productive. It is sufficient if mobiles are seen but not heard.
A day after a video showing two class VI students from Modern school, Vasant Vihar (Delhi) bullying their senior had gone viral on social media, the school management on Thursday said that the offenders had been asked to withdraw from the school.

"Those two students, who were the aggressors, have now withdrawn from the school. They were asked to leave. As we did not want to hamper the future of the children, we asked their parents to kindly withdraw them," said Ashok Pratap Singh, Trustee of Modern School, Vasant Vihar.

A video showing the two class VI students bullying and attacking one class VII student, while two others were seen cheering them had gone viral on mobile messaging application 'Whats App', leading to demands of strict action against them by shocked parents.

Subsequently, in an open house meeting of parents and school management today, it was announced that the two students have been asked to withdraw from the school. Moreover, the two other students who were seen cheering in the video have been given strict warning.

Incidentally, students are banned from using mobile phones in the school campus.



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