Friday, March 7, 2014

Tears of a father

Poor kid, if he was just allowed to fall in love with a local girl (probably not too many desis in Amarillo, but how about desi matrimonial sites in the USA?) then he would have probably been alive. Instead we have one tragedy on our hands and a second one if/when the wife gets a life-term from the Texas jury. I would blame the father for setting up this train-wreck but that gives little satisfaction. 

In opening statement, assistant district attorney Jim Young said Bimal Patel, who had been born in India, "grew up basically an American kid" in Amarillo. He went to Texas Tech and moved to Austin, where he became involved in business, but his father was a traditionalist and had pushed him to seek a partner through an arranged marriage service in India, the prosecutor said.

Through this service, he submitted a resume and met Shriya Patel, Young said. The two married, but it took about a year for her to get her passport to come to the US, and she had only been in the country a week when she decided to kill her husband, the prosecutor said.
 Shriya Patel's trial began on March 4 in Austin,Texas, with prosecutors accusing her of luring her husband into the bathtub for a massage, dousing him with gasoline and then setting him ablaze before shutting him in the bathroom. Bimal Patel, 29, died at the burn centre of the San Antonio Military Medical Center, nearly five months after the April 17, 2012, incident.   regards   

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