Friday, March 7, 2014

How does a Sharia state work?

It is instructive to learn from Malaysia. The particular advantage of using Sharia as a sword is that people rising up in protest (against miscarriage of justice) would think twice before giving aid and comfort for supposedly blasphemous/sinful actions.

A Malaysian court convicted opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy and sentenced him to five years in prison on Friday....the ruling bars Anwar from running for a seat in the state assembly of Selangor this month, a move that would likely have paved the way for him to become chief minister of Malaysia's most populous state — a potent platform from which to attack the government ahead of the next national election.

If Anwar, 66, loses his federal court appeal, he would face jail and would be barred from contesting the next national election that must be held by 2018. "It's (happening) all over again after 15 years," Anwar, who was sacked as deputy prime minister and finance minister in 1998 and convicted a year later, told reporters.


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