Sunday, March 2, 2014

Exotic food

In Bengali there is a saying: with enough money you can buy tiger's milk. In China you can probably have a taste of tiger flesh (and rhino and elephant and...).

In Nigeria apparently you can carry out your indulgences a bit further than that. It seems there are literally no boundaries, food without borders so to speak. Bon appetit!!

A tip-off led police to the macabre discovery in Anambra, Nigeria, with 11 people being arrested and AK-47 guns and other weapons being seized. Human flesh was apparently being sold as an expensive treat at the restaurant, with authorities saying that roasted human head was even on the menu.

"I went to the hotel early this year, after eating, I was told that a lump of meat was being sold at N700, I was surprised," a pastor who had visited the eatery said.

"So I did not know it was human meat that I ate at such expensive price.
"What is this country turning into? Can you imagine people selling human flesh as meat," he added. "Seriously I’m beginning to fear people in this part of the world. "


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