Friday, March 7, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal flies high

Does he not realize that he is under the microscope? He has two choices: pay his way or disclose his funding sources (that was already happening). The latter path will still leave him open to accusations of bias, but that is the problem of being (and promising to be) Mr Clean.

By taking India Today's private Beechcraft flight today (March 7, 2014), you make me feel foolish that I ever supported you or reposed some faith in you as a politician of a new India. Your representative on the prime time chat show may have pathetically tried to defend the indefensible with such pitiable excuses as 1) the Beechcraft ride was paid for by India Today and not by you, and 2) that you took the flight in the interest of saving time!  

Your defender didn't seem to reflect for a moment that just this morning in Gujarat you had eloquently fired away several questions at Narendra Modi on his use of private flights and then within hours you had hopped aboard one yourself, after all the moralistic stance you had taken all this while about eschewing the VIP culture, the red lights, the security, the cavalcade and other perks of office and what have you. 

The truth is that your action today tantamounts to spitting on the face of all those true aam admis who have stood by you and believed in the values that you pretended to abide by all this time. The truth is today, you don't have a shred of a fig-leaf left to hide your abject bareness behind.


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