Monday, June 9, 2014

"Modi's name was inscribed in Sanskrit"

Hafiz Saeed is tweeting that the new Modi govt was the mastermind behind the Karachi attacks. Proof if any was required, that the only master-mind here is Saeed himself.

Times of India (TOI) quoted a tweet as sample how the accusations against India and Narendra Modi were trending on social networking site.

The “sample” quoted by TOI reads: “Breaking News. DG Rangers says Indian made weapons recovered from terrorists | Modi’s name was inscribed in Sanskrit!”.

As per TOI: Jamat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed … took to Twitter to allege that Narendra Modi’s ‘new security team’ is responsible for the attack on the Karachi airport. Saeed said that Pakistan knew who the ‘real enemy’ was and called on the Pakistani government to ‘show some spine’ and ‘end exchange of gifts with India’.

#KarachiAirport is an attack on Pakistan. Modi’s new security team is behind this act of war by India. Nation knows the real enemy. — Hafiz Muhammad Saeed (@HafizSaeedJUD) June 9, 2014.

A few more tweets from the honorable Hafiz:
(1) The spectacle at is Modi's plan against Pakistan. Direct response of needless appeasement of new 'Hindutva' Government.

(2) We condemn horrendous act of terrorism at in severe words. Government must end exchange of gifts with India; show spine.





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