Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another desi tale from Kla

I'm currently playing poke with a bunch of Gujarati industrialists (I'm the only Teetollar in a bunch of Hindus, Jains, Sunnis & Ismailis).

At any rate Sid's encouragement has spurred me to share my last tale about Desis in Kampala.

I was going to the Electronics shop in the new (but less popular mall, another newer one opened and has just killed it) and I saw two Desis manning the shop who just had the most Pakistanis mannerisms + appearance.

Even their nicknames were Ummahistic but imagine my surprise when they happened to be from India (Mumbai) and Hindus. But even so that time I let it go and did not pry, they didn't have the brash Punjabi way about them but they reeked of the Indus.

A few days later I drop in the shop and I ask about them, turns out they are from Kalian, Bombay. But as I asked if they were Punjjus I finally got the answer to my riddle, they were Sindhis.

The mark of the Indus is always strong..

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