Sunday, June 8, 2014

Karachi Airport terror attack

Scores of people are dead (official toll for now is 20). Jinnah Terminal flights will remain suspended for now.

Hopefully any and all people who we know here on BP are safe and sound (and their families as well).

This cult of suicide bombing is just madness. This will have to be dealt with philosophically (reverse brain-washing if you will) and not through force. Brute force alone will not win the war.

At least 20 people have been reportedly killed, including security personnel and civilians. Ten terrorists were also among the dead.

Some eight to 10 attackers were said to have engaged in a gun battle with security forces.
Pakistan Army troops were called in to deal with the situation and troops from Malir Cantonment have been dispatched, while police commandos and Karachi Rangers are assisting.

A huge explosion was heard over two hours into the attack. A second large explosion was heard near the airport workshop. A third massive explosion was heard a further 30-40 minutes in. Huge clouds of smoke continue to dominate the skyline. Intermittent firing took place at the airport, while large plumes of smoke were seen over the cargo terminal.

One plane each of PIA and AirBlue, and a cargo plane of a foreign company were reported to have been damaged.
A hand grenade attack was also carried out on the Isphani Hanger.

Suicide bombers were reportedly part of the terrorist squad that has infiltrated the airport.
Staff is being rescued by the security personnel and moved to safer areas. Rescue teams are being allowed in after being checked thoroughly. Passengers have been evacuated and moved to a secure location.
Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif called DG Rangers Sindh and asked him to ensure the safety of passengers.

All flight operations at Jinnah Terminal have been suspended and flights have been diverted to other airports.




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