Friday, May 2, 2014

Bodo vs. Muslim battle restarts (Kokrajhar, Axom)

From now and forever it will be open season on muslims in India (and the wrong type of muslims in Pakistan). The Hindus in Pakistan and in Bangladesh are of course already dead or in the process of mass migration to India (where they will rot as non-recognized refugees).  

These alliances will take all different forms, in Assam and in the North-East now there is considerable evidence that the tribals (Christians, Hindus) and the Hindu upper-caste Axomiya and Bengali populations have all united in their animosity against illegal migrants (as they see it) from Bangladesh. 
It will be interesting to know what the Church and Christian activists (such as John Dayal) have to say about all this killings by Bodo forces. RSS is not a significant presence in  the North-East (except in the Barak valley, South Axom). The Church in Nagaland, Bodoland, and Meghalaya has been very active in stoking anti-muslim rage. Axom is ruled by a popular Indian National Congress chief minister (Tarun Gogoi) who seemingly has no credible opposition and is expected to deliver a handsome seat count towards the Mission 115 plan.
Eleven Muslim villagers were killed and others wounded overnight when suspected separatist militants opened fire on them in the high tense northeastern Indian state of Assam.

The police official was referring to an incident in which the militants shot dead three members of a family, including two women, while wounding a baby in the Kokrajhar district of Assam state.
In a second attack in Baksa district in western Assam, eight people were killed by a group of guerrillas as their sat in courtyard on Thursday night.
The dead included six women and two children.

Police said they suspected the militants behind the overnight killings were members of the Bodo tribe.
Bodo people have frequently attacked Muslims they say have illegally entered from neighboring Bangladesh and encroached on their ancestral lands in the hills.
Police blamed the attacks on the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB).

The incident comes in the middle of India's ongoing general election battle.
Muslim groups feel that the community has come under attack because the rebels feel that they had not supported Bodo candidates, Rakibul Islam of All Bodoland Muslim Students Union said.
Local Muslims had been threatened by Bodo groups "because they thought Muslims had voted for non-Bodo candidates" during elections in Assam on 24 April, Islam told BBC.

In recent years, Hindu and Christian tribes have vented strong sentiments against Muslims, calling them Bangladeshi immigrants.

In August 2012, sectarian violence rocked the city after four youths were killed by unidentified men in the isolated Kokrajhar district.
In retaliation, armed men from Bodo tribes attacked Muslims for suspicion of being behind the killings.
The violence spread to the neighboring Chirang and Dhubri districts, leaving at least 22 people dead.
Thousands of people were also left homeless as their villages were set on fire in the violence.

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