Sunday, August 3, 2014

These girls are so good....

We had a friend in school...Fred Seiferth. Freddie was a bit too sure about himself (as are most americans). He would say things like: "I am so good that at times I scare myself." Nice chap and fond memories of a traditional wedding ceremony in a village church near Buffalo, New York.
........... about Dipika Pallikal and Joshna Chinappa? They are so good (also admittedly film-star looks)...they must be scaring the heck out of their opponents...and themselves. They just created history by winning a gold medal in squash doubles in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Unfortunately the mixed doubles pair of Dipika and Saurav Ghoshal did not make it to the podium.
[ref. Wiki] Dipika Rebecca Pallikal (born 1991) in a Malayali Syrian Christian family to Sanjiv and Susan Pallikal from Kerala, India. She played her first international tournament in London when she was in her sixth grade, and to date, she has won the German Open, Dutch Open, French Open, Australian Open, Scottish Open on the European Junior Squash Circuit.

[ref. Wiki] Joshna Chinappa (born 1986) is a squash player based in India. Joshna was the first Indian to win the British Squash Championship title in 2003 in the under 19 category and was also the youngest Indian women's national champion. Joshna Chinappa is the first beneficiary of Mittal Champions Trust. A trainee of the Indian Squash Academy (erstwhile ICL academy), Chennai, Joshna was ranked 19th in the world in March 2014.

Speaking of film-star looks we have this quotation from the lady
Squash star Dipika Pallikal has received offers for acting in Bollywood films, but she's not interested.

Soon after she and Joshna Chinappa won their doubles match against Nicol David and Wee Wern of Malaysia on Wednesday, the 22-year-old former model made it clear that she is not keen on acting.
"No, not at all," she said on the possibility of appearing in Bollywood films. 

"Obviously I have got offers and stuff but I don't think my fiance will allow me."

Dipika got engaged to cricketer Dinesh Karthik last year. 


We are (slightly) conflicted about this. The first thought is Bollywood...yeww!! Then again, fellow Malayali Vidya Balan (did we say we are a fan?) has shown the pathway for successful women-centric films.

But this thing about "dont think my fiance will allow me".....obviously marriage involves compromise and Syrian Christians are known to be rather conservative as a community (there is nothing wrong with being conservative).

In an ideal world - there should be no boundaries for girls. We are (obviously) very far away from that point. These girls are the leaders of the next generation. They are fearless and they inspire us with their attitude towards life. They should be a bit more conscious about the sister-hood that still needs support from society in order to keep breaking those boundaries. Just saying.


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