Saturday, February 1, 2014

You gotta love the Bhutto-Z kids

I have no idea how to embed this video so I'll just link to it.

I think Bakhtawar is speaking Sindhi? She does resemble her mother so (both the daughters do) whereas Bilawal seems to have taken more after his father.

I'm really reminded of the antics of hereditary princelings; it's nice to know Pakistan is the only country left in the world where such antics are possible. Personally I think it's a strength after all Pakis have become so drab that any splash of colour will do.

Interestingly enough I would hazard the state of the Sindhi language in India is relatively dire (this is based on observations none of my fiancee's generation will speak Sindhi though most understand it). I did tweet at Bilawal to invite the wealthier Hindu Sindhis to the festivals but nothing availed of it. Any revival of Sindhi culture is going to include the wealthiest population (merchants, traders & property owners) who still disproportionately happen to be Hindu.

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  1. Zach, I disagree that Bilawal looks like his father. He is, in fact, the spitting image of his grandfather (ZAB), and of his parents, rese,bles his mother much more. Let's hope he also resembles her more in his actions :-)