Tuesday, January 28, 2014

BP's new home

So it seems that we are exiled from our old home where more than 3yrs of memories (and arguments, discussions, opinions) reside.

I of course have always been more comfortable with blogger than Word after all my first blog has always managed to eke out a home here.

I've never known whether BP still has a space despite an exploding twitter conversation on the Sub-continent. Are we marked out for extinction or does there exist a hazy middle ground between snap 140 character opinions and prestige journalism.

I guess it's up to us to find out. Welcome back world..


  1. Zachary,

    The new site looks great. What happens to the old posts- are they all lost in the digital sea for good?

    Also let us know when we can start posting (also some tips will be good as I am new to this format)


  2. the archive remains at www.brownpundits.com

    blogspot is very straightforward to post from; let me enable you now.

  3. I did prefer the old one. Oh well. Details on what happened?

  4. the WP install got infected by malware. i'm going to clean it and up and we can move back, but i don't have time right now. the archives are still there, and aren't lost.

  5. Thanks Razib

    Let me suggest a prominently displayed DONATE button so loyal readers can help with the cost of upkeep at least. Obviously your time is a lot more important than any meager donations, but still.

    1. I tried looking for the old site by typing in www.brownpundits.com but it just redirected me to this site. Is there any other way to access the archives?