Thursday, April 10, 2014

21st century amrit (elixir of life)

Extend your life by 10% (while getting rid of arthritis). If the claims hold true then Glucosamine would become a household name similar to Prozac and Ritalin. Even the good doctor who ran the studies is taking the pill himself. So go ahead, be happy and take a daily table-spoon. You will thank us later (when you are attending the first birthday of your great grand-daughter).

New use: Glucosamine is normally used to treat arthritis

Finally, we would also like to fart in the general direction of Chinese millionaires who are destroying all flora and fauna with the motivation to extend their lives (and length of their Johnsons). Invest in medical science and keep your grubby mittens off the rhino and the tigers.
Dr Ristow, of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, is one of many scientists around the world hunting for an anti-ageing pill or potion.

Dr Ristow first showed that giving worms glucosamine extended lifespan by 5 per cent. He then gave the supplement to ageing mice in addition to their usual diet. These animals lived 10 per cent longer than a second group which ate normally, the journal Nature Communications reported.

The supplement, which can be bought in health food shops – in the form of a powder or more expensive capsules – also appeared to ward off diabetes. It is thought it lengthens life by switching the body’s energy  supply from sugary carbohydrates to fat  and protein. Low-carbohydrate diets are known to have benefits to health including lowering weight, blood pressure and harmful blood fats.

In two large-scale human studies, people who took glucosamine lived longer than others – but Dr Ristow said more research is needed to prove its effectiveness. He added: ‘This may be considered a valid option, and yes, I have started taking glucosamine myself.

‘There is no definite proof of the effectiveness of glucosamine in humans. 

‘But the chances are good – and since unlike most other potentially lifespan-extending drugs there are no known relevant side-effects of glucosamine supplementation, I would tend to recommend this supplement.’

Dr Ristow advised people should take a daily tablespoon of glucosamine powder, mixed in water, or alternatively, 3g to 5g a day in capsule form.

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