Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Deep State: shut down Geo TV or else

Who is the Boss? After all these years (decades) and all the going back and forth there is not an iota of doubt. Aam aadmi-s (even Hamid Mir) may say whatever they want to say, provided the Deep State does not mind what they say.

And while we continue to chatter about foolish nothings, let us also drop the pretense of some strange, rogue element being responsible for taking care of Obama, shooting down Mumbai etc. An all powerful deep-state will not tolerate a single rogue element, let alone remain ignorant about multi-million dollar operations which required years of planning. Hafeez Saeed may be farting in your general direction but he is just a front-man in this scheme of things.
Pakistan's army demanded the closure of the country's most popular television channel on Tuesday following allegations that the military's main intelligence agency had ordered an assassination attempt on its star journalist.

In a three-page petition to Pakistan's broadcast regulator the ministry of defence accused Geo News of mounting a "vicious campaign" to libel the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) and called for its operating license to be revoked. "The telecast in question was aimed at undermining the integrity and tarnishing the image of state institution and its officers and falsely linking it with terrorist outfits," the notice said.

Ground Zero, Year one (Rana Plaza, Bangladesh)

We approach the first anniversary of a mass murder (of people by people whom they had trusted with their lives). May all their souls rest in peace. The living victims are another matter altogether- no justice for them even after all this time.

Incidentally, why was this picture not voted as #1 (for 2013)? Sad to believe there are many more (too may) horrors scattered around the globe. But still...this picture will live for-ever.

Please do consider buying the book. The authors have not specifically mentioned how the proceedings may help some charity involved with Rana Plaza victims but even so it is worthy of your hard earned dollars.

It is 24 April. The previous day, shortly after work started, three cracks were found in the reinforced concrete pillars that support the eight-storey building. An engineer sent by the Savar municipality declared the building unsafe, work in the five factories was halted and everyone was sent home.

If an order is delivered late, accepted practice in much of the industry is for the buyer to deduct 5% for each week of delay. The buyers already have political unrest, wildcat strikes and blockades to deal with; they cannot afford to risk losing further days of production.

Affirmative action dead (in a Court accident)

Even a liberal women's block vote in the Supreme court could not block the inevitable. Michigan is now free from the restraints of affirmative action (it did help conservative icons such as Clarence Thomas and Condoleeza Rice).

The surprising YES vote was that of Stephen Breyer, showing that white America is really under pressure to abolish quotas (they will come back in some other race neutral form but the best colleges, such as Berkeley in California will show low no of Blacks and Hispanics).  

All in all good news for Asians (Browns included), until they become too successful and the whites get scared once more.
The 6-2 ruling upheld the constitutionality of a measure passed by referendum in Michigan that disallowed so-called affirmative action in college admissions. Effectively favoring voter initiatives over the courts, the decision was expected to have repercussions far beyond Michigan — governors of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma and West Virginia had supported Michigan's appeal.

500 mil cars on the Whats App Freeway

Amazing growth (48 mil in India, 45 mil in Brazil) for Whats App. Still no clue as to how to monetize all this popularity (some teenager somewhere will figure that one out for sure).
The numbers released by WhatsApp on Wednesday shows that the instant messaging app continues to find users at an astounding pace. In a blog post, WhatsApp announced that it now has over 500 million active users. These users share 700 million photos and 100 million videos daily.

TCS (soft)powers India to Premier League

Once upon a time what was good for General Motors was also automatically considered good for America.
We presume the same thing holds true for TCS and India at present.

The rankings are a bit confusing, but whichever way you look (revenues, employee count, market cap, CAGR) TCS is doing very well, perhaps only next to IBM.
This is a landmark for Indian IT. The country's largest IT services provider, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), has broken into the league of top 10 global IT services companies (by revenue), moving from the 13th position in 2012 to the 10th spot in 2013.

Rani of the Chopra-s

Best wishes to the couple!! Enjoy marital bliss for a long long time.

Popular Bollywood actor Rani Mukherjee has tied the knot with Aditya Chopra, son of late iconic filmmaker Yash Chopra, according to the Indian media.

Saudis execute (1977) innocents

No not the Shias in the Eastern Provinces, not even the Alawaites of Syria, just a few protected (ha ha ha) birds in Balochistan. One commentator put the best spin forward when he suggested that the prince must have got confused between "endangered" and "abundant."

Will the Riyal-khors ($1.5 Bil) now stand up against this flagrant violation of rules displayed by his Excellency? How about a blanket ban on chiria shikar?
A Saudi prince has poached over 2,100 internationally protected houbara bustards in 21-day hunting safari in Chagai, Balochistan, during which the royal also indulged in illegal hunting in protected areas, says a report.

Animist Army vs. Christian Crusaders (Jharkhand)

The Church had sinned by engaging in a spot of idolatry (blasphemy??) by portraying Mother Mary as a tribal lady with Baby Jesus in a sling. The Animists are not prepared to take this outrage lying down and now a full scale fight to the finish has been launched (we are informed that this is actually a century old fight). The forces of good have God on their side and with the fading of the Catholic-Parsi-Brahmin First Family of India from the scene the Christians will have a tough time (post elections) in keeping their ranks united and their flanks protected.

Two months before polling began in Jharkhand, Ajay Tirkey began dividing his day between campaigning for the Bharatiya Janata Party in Ranchi and attending to his real estate business. Mr. Tirkey, who heads the Central Sarna Committee(CSC), with lakhs of animistic Sarna tribals as members in urban parts of Ranchi, Gumla and Hazaribagh, believes that the BJP’s Narendra Modi will get the community what it has been demanding for decades: the distinction of being a minority religion with all attendant benefits. “We submitted a memorandum to Modi in December to introduce a Sarna code in the census, and [the] BJP’s State leaders agreed,” he says.

Hindu-Jewish-Amrikan axis exposed!!!

The one true Leader of the masses, hated by secularists, full of fighting spirit against Pakistan (Russia), the maestro preparing to unleash the magic of the free market on poor peasants, this is indeed the second coming of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

BTW did we mention that Cohen is a Jewish title? He is also a certified neocon (given his association with GWB). It will be good for the opposition generals (to give her a name: Arundhati Roy) to ponder on the anticipated (new) treacheries of the Hindu-Jew-Amrika axis once they get into power in Delhi. 
Both Mr. Modi and Mr. Reagan rose from humble origins. Both were popular and successful State leaders: Reagan was “chief minister” (governor, as we say) of my home state of California. Mr. Modi, like Mr. Reagan, is an unabashed proponent of free market economics: the term “Modinomics” is of course a nod to “Reaganomics.”

A major common denominator between the two men is the nature of their detractors. Like the U.S., India has cultural elitists who seem to desperately crave the approval of their former colonial masters in Europe. The Indian cultural elite despises Mr. Modi every bit as much as the American cultural elite despised Mr. Reagan. They look down their noses at Mr. Modi, cringing at the thought of being led by a common chai wallah (“tea seller,” as I translated it for my U.S. readers) who can barely speak English. (I could never imagine Chinese or Russian citizens, proud of their own heritage, being ashamed that their leaders don’t speak English.)

We murder our brothers (because we hate others)

This is the essential logic of Hizbul Mujahidin and the other freedom fighters (in Kashmir and elsewhere). Power flows out of the barrel of a gun etc.

Thing is, this can (will) go on forever. We do not envisage the Valley people ever reconciling with Indians in Jammu and elsewhere. Too much blood has already been spilled.

If we include Kashmir in the MENA sphere it seems to be the fate of the Ummah to face down this daily ugliness in their lives with no end in sight. The health problems (physical as well as mental) of staying in a war zone are well documented. It seems the best place for a muslim (except for a few city states) is to be as far away as possible from the muslim heartlands.
Militants killed two local officials and another man in Indian Kashmir before issuing a warning to Kashmiris against voting this week in the country's election, according to police and residents.
The militants targeted two village council chiefs in separate attacks late on Monday in Pulwana district, south of the main city of Srinagar, a senior police officer said.

Buddha tattoo will get you deported

The tattoo does not look disrespectful at all, but what do we know? Also westerners will now get a feeling for how Buddhism (as practiced by real life devotees) looks like.

In one sense this homogeneity must be pleasing to the faithful as they secure their own pure (often ethnically cleansed) corners around the world. All religions now seem to be infected by Islam envy (Islamists are the loudest and proudest of them all). Amidst all the misery and poverty world-wide, religious police seems to be the most coveted job.

A British tourist is to be deported from Sri Lanka because of a tattoo of Buddha on her arm.

"Muslims ought to be more communal"

This is the true face of secularism as practiced in India. If the majority community gets its constituent groups working together for a common purpose (the spirit of Hindutva so to speak) it is ipso facto bad. If the minorities do the same thing, this is an unqualified good.  

There is no sense of striving for a common bond of citizenship which rises above these petty differences for fighting against the evils of poverty, corruption, malnutrition,....

The most disappointing thing about this is the Aam Aadmi Party was supposed to be a party with a difference (also Shazia Ilmi is a highly qualified woman who should know better than to spout nonsense). If you tarnish your brand in this manner, why should the common citizen vote for you?

Chowkidar, a short story by Ahmed Asif

Dr Asif wrote this a couple of years ago and it was published earlier in http://www.viewpointonline.net/. OK, the family was never that cheerful and happy and most of the house was pretty much a hovel even in the good old days, but hey, its a story...

Our story is heartbreaking, but worth listening to, if you have time, sir. You see us in rags, fearful of rats, and disheveled living in this dungeon, the dingy basement of our own house, and you may think that we were always like this. But that's not the case, sir. Ours used to be a house, bright and airy, with sprawling lawns, old trees, exotic plants, and vines climbing over the marble pillars of our front porch that overlooked a fountain and a pond filled with colorful fish. At midday when the sun was high, a rainbow appeared on the sheath of mist by the fountain.
The house had many sections, each lived-in by a distinct family having a unique trait, yet the living was harmonious and filled with laughter: Children running about playing hide and seek among the evergreens; birds chirping in the foliage of the fruit laden trees, and peacocks dancing with their plumes open, like bouquets placed over a carpet of green, the pasture--crisscrossed by a bubbly stream, carrying water pure and sweet; and on the horizon towered a mountain chain, their snowy peaks glimmered like gold in the rays of the setting sun.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Indian Navy hit by stiff waves

First the submarine (Sindhurakhshak) exploded killing 18 sailors. Next another sub (Sindhuratna) caught fire and two more sailors were lost. Admiral DK Joshi assumed moral responsibility and resigned. Now the ripples have extended to appointment of the new admiral as well.

Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha has resigned as Robin Dhowan has been promoted ahead of him. Such events fall in the rarest of rare category- General AS Vaidya became Army chief in 1983 ahead of  Lieutenant general SK Sinha, and Air Chief Marshal SK Mehra became IAF chief by superseding Air Marshal MM Singh