Saturday, July 26, 2014

Semitic Superpower?

My friend Joel Belleson writes this:

Liaquat Ali Khan defies Uncle Sam (and dies)

.....the US demanded Pakistan use its influence in Tehran and persuade it to transfer control of its oil fields to the US....Liaquat Ali Khan declined to accede to the request.....The US then threatened to annul the secret pact on Kashmir. Liaquat replied that Pakistan has annexed half of Kashmir without American support and would be able to take the other half too.”....Not only that, Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan also demanded that the US vacate air bases in Pakistan....“Liaquat'’s demand was a bombshell for Washington.....

It is wonderful what we can learn from declassified documents- American and Pakistan have been frenemies from birth. Tariq Ali also claims that ZA Bhutto was killed by the CIA. Osama-ji was definitely killed by the Great Satan. And the show goes on......
Declassified US document discusses the possible reason for the disenchantment of the US and the UK governments with the Pakistan prime minister and his government. Liaquat was not ready to toe the US line, the newspaper pointed out and hence the US wanted him eliminated.


"My mom said she didn't want such an expensive treatment"......The family then consulted a homeopathic doctor.....Within a matter of days she caught an infection and passed away.....

Homeopathy for curing blood cancer? Really??

Yes, really, when a poor-rich middle class family is unable to afford a 10 lakh medical bill, even a shaman can least something was done for Ma, na?

India is a poor country hosting too many people without work. Normally this would be a ripe situation for launching revolutions and that may yet happen. We need further de-centralization of powers and more use of power with a sense of purpose (not just for distributing gifts to supporters).

The main problem in the coming days will be a rapid degradation in environment and the impact on health of the aam admi. The situation in India (also China) is simply alarming, you have reports of rich people ready to move out of their country for safer (healthier) pastures. In the meantime all of us who will be left behind will have to struggle with antibiotic resistance, tuberculosis and of course that familiar malady- cancer. The relatively well-off will also have to deal with obesity- diabetes which is spreading like wildfire and problems in conceiving children.

Punjab has benefited from being at the cutting edge of green revolution and is stereotyped as the home of the prosperous farmer which survives on slave labor imported from the East and North-East (also Bangladesh). Now a counter-revolution is required when the country-side is being swallowed alive by the drug menace. Not to mention that familiar malady- cancer (again).

NGOs are trying to help out in focused areas, especially the high cost of drugs that are driving poor and middle-class people to desperation. But we need much more help in cleaning up of the environment and to improve awareness amongst people about the need to use (and re-use) environmentally friendly goods.

Why not a specific initiative on the use of jute instead of plastic? Yes, previous efforts have not succeeded but perhaps we can do a better job this time. It will help impoverished jute-growers in the East, reduce our oil bill and reduce the rate of poisoning of  the ground-water. Most importantly we need a sense of urgency amongst the ruling class. In the words of Tagore, when the city burns, the temple will not be spared.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Caliphate orders 4 mil mutilations

While we fret over Christians being exiled for good from their native lands, we forget that life is no less a challenge for the Sunnis who do live under the ever-merciful gaze of the neo-Caliph.

Translation of fatwa: “Out of fear for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and our Islamic society, as a result of the spread of immorality and vice between sons and daughters of Allah. For the honor of our lord and for the faithful “A resolution is issued to all states that female circumcision is honorable in itself and for the Caliphate, emir of the believers…”

The UN is claiming that the Caliphate has issued a fatwa ordering all women to be subjected to genital mutilation: A top UN official quoted from a statement saying that Isis wanted all females aged between 11 and 46 in the northern city of Mosul to undergo the procedure. Jacqueline Badcock said the decree was of grave concern.

Yet, some experts are expressing scepticism. They claim that other groups may be using a fake fatwa to discredit the (otherwise highly creditable and credible) Caliphate.

In its own way this experiment (if attempted in earnest) would resemble something that happened in India in 1975 (when Indira Gandhi declared Emergency). Her distinguished younger son Sanjay led a mass castration program in North India (called nash-bandi). 

The idea was that poor people were breeding in huge numbers and destroying the fabric of the nation. Tens of thousands of people terrorized by real-life and fictitious accounts of nash-bandi deserted their homes. It was most unfortunate that  Sanjay was claimed by an accident, else India would have had resembled China in form and in function (with Sanjay in the role of Mao).

Air Algerie plane blows up over Mali

Well folks, the storm is truly landing. This is not global warming, this is global lunacy. We have had already one crash in Europe, one in Asia yesterday (Taiwan) and today in Africa (Mali). If the pattern holds, it may be the turn of the Americas next. Please take care and do not fly if you would rather not.

The Taiwanese plane that went down in the storm yesterday was a turbo-prop ATR 72. Today it was a (fairly ancient) MD-83 (or DC-10, source not clear). Mali is partly islamist territory and they may have the resources to blow up the plane. Else it just collided into mountains. Either way we will know soon enough.
Air Algerie said it lost contact with one of its passenger aircraft nearly an hour after take-off from Burkina Faso on Thursday bound for Algiers.

A company source told AFP that the missing aircraft was a DC-10 (other reports say MD-83) and that some 110 passengers of various nationalities and six crew members are listed as being on board the flight.