Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lokayata as a "primitive" Indian folk belief?!

The masses have always been suspicious of Brahminical mambo-jumbo but this might be taking it too far:
Lokayata is a school of ancient Indian philosophy and one of three non-orthodox schools of thought. It is popular mainly among lower classes. In ancient Chinese text, it is also known as Lokaayatika, Carapace and the like. It has a very old origin and began to exert an important influence around the 6th century BCE.
Evolution and Relevant Literature - Lokayata dates back at least to the Vedic Age or earlier. Some scholars think it is associated with the earliest Ganges civilisation and primitive Indian folk beliefs.
This was astonishing as well:
In the latter 19th century CE, several thousand of a certain Sikh sect followed the same ideas with Lokayata.

Some charts from Human Development Report 2014

South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa are really the laggards of the world:


Indians as Over-cooked Rotis

Once Dr Radhakrishnan went for a dinner. There was a Briton at the event who said, “We are very dear to God.” Radhakrishnan laughed and told the gathering, “Friends, one day God felt like making rotis. When he was cooking the rotis, the first one was cooked less and the English were born. The second one stayed longer on the fire and the Negroes were born. Alert after His first two mistakes, when God went on to cook the third roti, it came out just right and as a result Indians were born.”—Page 8, Prernadeep -3. (Dr Radhakrishnan was the second president of India.)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

180, 900, 180,000

That is to say: 180 days, 900 posts, 180,000 page views.

The new BP kicked off during snow-showers in Wisconsin (hyperbole?). Right now, intense rain showers in Mumbai (fact).

Backed by a top-drawer management that knows all the trapeze-ing tricks on the metaphorical spider-webs and with our blogger-badshah(TM) leading from the front (assisted by many contributors), the BP ship is on full-steam ahead mode. The pace has been truly intense. The top three posts have now crossed 20,000 views, twice the page-views for the entire month of February when we got started!!

Xinjiang (again)

The night (and also day) of the long knives continues apace. March, May, and now July (next month with 31 days is....August).

Remember, when MH-370 vanished, there was suspicion/panic that it was an attack by the Uighurs? Turned out it was an Iranian kid traveling on a false passport. We try so hard to forget (and reality drags us back to all the fear and the loathing).

We have to say this about Islamists, they have absolutely no fear. 
Right now they are up against two of  the fiercest (ideological) adversaries: Israel and the Chicoms. But they are fighting an excellent asymmetric war with all the tools at their disposal.

The global public opinion is weak (yet) but strongly in favor, because the Palestinians and the Uighurs are so hopelessly out-matched. Everybody loves an under-dog.

Modern technology is also helping in shaping opinion. When Israel killed four boys playing on the beach the cameras were watching. And for all their famed efficiency, the Chicoms are unable to choke off (and shut up) Xinjiang. In the old days they would have simply packed off 15-20 mil people to the Gulags, and got rid of a few million young men altogether. But now it is not so easy. Thank heavens for small mercies.

Make no mistake, this is a full-on, hot war, just like the one in the middle-east. This one will not quietly burn off, just like the other one. Yet, there is no dandi march for peace plan from Kerry (and Ki-Moon). Why not?

More significantly, there are no protests (that we know of) in Turkey and in Iran. Nary a rock thrown in anger in Pakistan and in Kashmir. No call for Boycotts, Divestments, and Sanctions from (Islamic) civil rights organizations. No wrist bands declaring solidarity from courageous (muslim) sportsmen......There is no Ummah Q.E.D.
Dozens of people were killed and injured in a “terrorist attack” in China's far western Xinjiang region, home to the mainly Muslim Uighur minority, state media reported Tuesday.