Thursday, April 24, 2014

Romeo Juliet banned (USA)

Romeo and Juliet dancing Bollywood Fusion in the rain? Alas it is not to be.

There is a minor controversy associated with the exact birth date of Shakespeare. Official celebrations mark it as April 23 (1564), but there are historic claims made for April 26. We prefer to celebrate everyday as Shakespeare day, since we are passionate about English and English minus Shakespeare is difficult to contemplate. It is our respectful opinion that for the past 450 years, all other great men (and women) in literature and arts have stood on the shoulder of one giant.

Thus it is sad to see the USA banning Romeo and Juliet from the school prom, we are sure that the beautiful Nina Davuluri would not have minded dancing with a young (and ambitious) boy. If nothing else, it would have been useful for Patrick Farves to understand the intricacies of Bollywood Fusion dancing. And now the boy has been (figuratively) excommunicated from his play-dom. Let us hope that not all such young love is nipped in the bud in such a brutal fashion (Nina herself has requested for a royal pardon). 

Also Reihan Salam will be very upset...but then it cant be helped....into each life some rain must fall (Longfellow).
A Pennsylvania teenager has been suspended for asking the first ever Indian-American Miss America Nina Davuluri to the prom, the annual end of the year dance for high school students.

Post poll verdict: Congress in a tight corner

We agree with Yogi Berra that predictions are difficult...especially those about the future.

That said it was clear from yesterday that Muslims have been fully mobilized for the Congress. What was equally clear is that the Hindus have been fully mobilized for the BJP, in particular the Gujarati community in Mumbai (also includes a sizable number of Jains, Parsis and Dawoodi Bohras). To the extent the politicians wanted a polarized electorate they have got one (Aam Admi Party does not even have a whiff of a chance). The BJP/NDA will win this one and probably win big.

First, polling was huge in a normally voting-apathetic Mumbai as compared to the last General Elections in 2009. The top-line number is 52.66% (41.42% in 2009). These numbers are preliminary ones released by the Election Commission and may be revised later.

Breaking down into constituencies we have: Mumbai North 52% (42.6%), Mumbai North-East 53% (42.47%), Mumbai North-West 50% (44%), Mumbai North-Central 52% (39.5%), Mumbai South-Central 55% (39.5%), Mumbai South 54% (40.37%).

In Maharashtra the top-line number is 56.26%. The non-metro seats also saw healthy voting percentage: Nandurbar, Dhule (59%), Jalgaon (50%), Raver (58%), Jalna (63%), Aurangabad (59%), Dindori (64%), Nashik (64%), Palghar (58%), Bhiwandi (60%), Kalyan (43%), Thane (42%) and Raigad (64%). Thane was disappointingly low (why? it is politically very active).

For rest of India, voting percentage increased on average by more than 10% (excluding the states which already record high turnouts). Specifically, Uttar Pradesh registered 13% increase.

West Bengal clocks in (as always) as the most politically conscious state. The turnouts were as follows: West Bengal (81.4%), Puducherry (80%), Tamil Nadu (73%), Assam (77.6%), Madhya Pradesh (66%), Jharkhand (63.5%), Chhattisgarh (66%), Uttar Pradesh (60.12%), Bihar (60%), and Rajasthan (59%).

This is how the other metros have voted so far. Delhi 65.1% (51.8% in 2009), Bangalore 54% (48.3%), Chennai 60% (61%).  Chennai was the only disappointment. First place for Kolkata (by a country mile) is assured.

The minimum was in Anantnag, Kashmir (28%) since our islamist brothers are not fond of democracy (here or elsewhere around the world). They still dream about repeating another direct action day experience when they can drive all the Hindus out of Kashmir...but they have already accomplished that. Next in order would be to battle test the formula (1 muslim soldier = 10 hindus). Unfortunately for them, even after four attempts, that claim remains to be validated. Now the only thing left on the agenda is to kill their brothers (and sisters), ban expressions of art and culture, force women into purdah. Good luck with that.
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LTTE murderers: verdict tomorrow (1030AM IST, 04/25)

The Supreme Court verdict was postponed keeping in mind the elections that were conducted in Tamil Nadu today (04/24).

There was however one more important deadline to consider: Chief Justice of India (P Sathasivam, only the second Tamil to be holding this august position), will be retiring on April 26th and has made a personal declaration to the media that he will be chairing the 3 member panel that will issue the judgement.

The popular sentiment currently in TN is overwhelmingly in favor of the thugs and has managed to bleach away the blood-stained memories of the twelve Tamilians murdered in Sri Perumbudur on May 21, 1991 (along with a few non-Tamilians). It will surely be interesting to peruse the detailed reasoning behind the verdict.

Regardless of our personal bias, we wish for justice to roll down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.....for the perpetrators as well as the victims.
The fate of the three convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case — V Sriharan alias Murugan, A G Perarivalan and T Suthendraraja alias Santhan — will be known on Friday, when the Supreme Court delivers its verdict on their premature release.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mother of all ballots (180 mil, 117 seats, 04/24)

Tomorrow is a most  crucial day for the republic.
If you are one of the 180 million voters who plan to exercise their responsibilities as citizens, please pay attention to this last minute message (see below) from a (Christian) Father (Fraser Mascarenhas, Principal, St Xaviers College, Mumbai) to his (mostly Hindu) students.

An interesting point that needs highlighting, is the difference between Muslims and Christians in their attitude to Modi. Amongst the activists and intellectuals (Mascarenhas included) there is of course complete unanimity, an united wall against the Great Satan. 

However at the community level there are stark differences. The upper-caste Kerala Christians (Syrians) are publicly backing Modi (votes not so much), so are a large section of Goan Christians (votes will make a difference). There is no (apparent) solidarity with tribal, dalit Christians who may face an onslaught from Hindutva forces post elections. 

In contrast, the only muslims who will be freely voting for Modi are the Bohras of Gujarat/Maharashtra and the Shias in Uttar Pradesh. The Bohras are businessmen and are voting based on caste interests (as opposed to the interests of the Ummah), while Shias will vote due to their grievances against Sunnis (there is no Ummah).  

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday lampooned St Xavier's College principal, Frazer Mascarenhas, for writing a message to his students criticizing the Gujarat development model and praising the flagship schemes of Congress-led UPA government.

Americans (ideologues) prefer traitors

Reihan Salam does not think much of people who prefer to date people with a similar skin color.
He would prefer people to cast aside their prejudices and qualify as a race traitor (our words).

What was truly interesting was his assertion that people's attitudes to race (and dating) depend on the communities in which they grow up, which is dependent on when they were growing up. Thus a brown kid in the 1950s would be forced to date only whites, while in the 1990s there would be many eligible browns to choose from. The same concept presumably applies to where you are growing up, even today, Boise, Idaho is lily-white compared to New York City.

While we do not necessarily disagree with Reihan, our lived experience was that brown girls preferred dating white boys (and vice versa). The consensus opinion of our peer group (incl. both sexes and races) was that this dynamic was driven by the prejudices of the concerned women (white males are enlightened as compared to browns) and men (brown females are submissive as compared to whites).

These days technology will also play a key role. The young generation dwells in the on-line universe for a large part of their lives (where they may be learning Bharat Natyam via Skype from an Indian guru). Thus one may not need a physical space and a community, the virtual equivalents may help foster prejudices (as Reihan sees it).

Reihan (as befits a conservative) is also taking this opportunity to admonish liberals for being hypocritical (and "hilariously self-righteous"). He certainly has a strong case. Arundhati Roy hates capitalism etc. while enjoying the fruits of a capitalist society. She is also (un)hilariously self-righteous. Albert Gore Jr. is self-righteous while burning up gigantic amounts of fossil fuel to fly across the world and lecture others about anthropogenic global warming. Conservatives used to call such people "limousine liberals." Now they have a brand new (self-appointed) name....a class traitor.

Jedediah Purdy (see link below) has issued a clarion call for class traitors to join the revolution, fortunate people who are prepared to rain down arrows of misfortune on their own people. Following this logic, a brown, upper middle-class individual who votes to (1) expand government and/or (2) supports affirmative action is a class traitor, and one who is (3) open to dating a white person is a race traitor. 

While liberals are looking for class traitors, conservatives are seeking out race traitors, doppelgangers of (Supreme Court) Justice Clarence Thomas, who is married to a white lady and who has just now destroyed affirmative action (after having benefited from the same). Liberals used to call such people Uncle Toms. While we cant expect name-calling to stop in a polarized society, we can at least appreciate the symmetry. Thank heavens for small mercies.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Deep State Fatwa: shut down Geo TV (or else)

Who is the Boss? After all these years (decades) and all the going back and forth there is not an iota of doubt. Aam aadmi-s (even elites such as Hamid Mir) may say whatever they want to say, provided the Deep State does not mind what they say.

And while we continue to chatter about foolish nothings, let us also drop the pretense of some strange, rogue element being responsible for taking care of Obama* Osama, shooting down Mumbai etc. An all powerful deep-state will not tolerate a single rogue element, let alone remain ignorant about multi-million dollar operations which required years of planning. Hafeez Saeed may be farting in your general direction but he is just a front-man in this scheme of things.
Pakistan's army demanded the closure of the country's most popular television channel on Tuesday following allegations that the military's main intelligence agency had ordered an assassination attempt on its star journalist.

In a three-page petition to Pakistan's broadcast regulator the ministry of defence accused Geo News of mounting a "vicious campaign" to libel the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) and called for its operating license to be revoked. "The telecast in question was aimed at undermining the integrity and tarnishing the image of state institution and its officers and falsely linking it with terrorist outfits," the notice said.

Ground Zero (Rana Plaza, Bangladesh)

We approach the first anniversary of a mass murder (of people by people whom they had trusted with their lives). May all their souls rest in peace. The living victims are another matter altogether- no justice for them even after all this time.

Incidentally, why was this picture not voted as #1 (for 2013)? Sad to believe there are many more (too may) horrors scattered around the globe. But still...this picture will live for-ever.

Please do consider buying the book. The authors have not specifically mentioned how the proceedings may help some charity involved with Rana Plaza victims but even so it is worthy of your hard earned dollars.

It is 24 April. The previous day, shortly after work started, three cracks were found in the reinforced concrete pillars that support the eight-storey building. An engineer sent by the Savar municipality declared the building unsafe, work in the five factories was halted and everyone was sent home.

If an order is delivered late, accepted practice in much of the industry is for the buyer to deduct 5% for each week of delay. The buyers already have political unrest, wildcat strikes and blockades to deal with; they cannot afford to risk losing further days of production.

Affirmative action is dead

Even a liberal women's block vote in the Supreme court could not block the inevitable.

Michigan is now free from the restraints of affirmative action in the Education arena. The 6-2 victory can be directly attributed to the Southern White backlash that helped elect Republican presidents with an objective to turn the Supreme Court red (among the new inductees were conservative icons such as Clarence Thomas who rose to prominence due to ...affirmative action). The surprising YES vote was that of liberal Stephen Breyer. 

Now many more ballot initiatives are anticipated at the state level to roll back quotas in other areas as well.

500 mil Speedsters on the (Whats App) Freeway

Amazing growth- 48 mil in India, 45 mil in Brazil for Whats App.
Still no clue as to how to monetize all this popularity (some teenager somewhere will figure that one out for sure).
The numbers released by WhatsApp on Wednesday shows that the instant messaging app continues to find users at an astounding pace. In a blog post, WhatsApp announced that it now has over 500 million active users. These users share 700 million photos and 100 million videos daily.


TCS (soft)powers India to Premier League

Once upon a time what was good for General Motors was also automatically considered good for America.
We presume the same thing holds true for TCS and India at present.

The rankings are a bit confusing, but whichever way you look (revenues, profit margin, employee count, market cap, growth rate) TCS is doing very well, perhaps only next to IBM.
This is a landmark for Indian IT. The country's largest IT services provider, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), has broken into the league of top 10 global IT services companies (by revenue), moving from the 13th position in 2012 to the 10th spot in 2013.

Rani of the Chopra-s

Best wishes to the couple!! Enjoy marital bliss for a long long time.

Popular Bollywood actor Rani Mukherjee has tied the knot with Aditya Chopra, son of late iconic filmmaker Yash Chopra, according to the Indian media.

Saudis execute (1977) innocents

No not the Shias in the Eastern Provinces, not even the Alawaites of Syria, just a few protected (ha ha ha) birds in Balochistan. One commentator put the best spin forward when he suggested that the prince must have got confused between "endangered" and "abundant."

Will the Riyal-khors ($1.5 Bil) now stand up against this flagrant violation of rules displayed by His Excellency? How about considering a blanket ban on "chidiya shikar?"
A Saudi prince has poached over 2,100 internationally protected houbara bustards in 21-day hunting safari in Chagai, Balochistan, during which the royal also indulged in illegal hunting in protected areas, says a report.

Animist Army vs. Christian Crusaders

The Church had sinned by engaging in a spot of idolatry (blasphemy??) by portraying Mother Mary as a tribal lady with Baby Jesus in a sling. The Animists are not prepared to take this outrage lying down and now a (century old) fight is reaching its Waterloo phase. With the fading of the Catholic-Parsi-Brahmin First Family of India from the scene the Christians will have a tough time (post elections) in keeping their ranks united and their flanks protected.

Two months before polling began in Jharkhand, Ajay Tirkey began dividing his day between campaigning for the Bharatiya Janata Party in Ranchi and attending to his real estate business. Mr. Tirkey, who heads the Central Sarna Committee(CSC), with lakhs of animistic Sarna tribals as members in urban parts of Ranchi, Gumla and Hazaribagh, believes that the BJP’s Narendra Modi will get the community what it has been demanding for decades: the distinction of being a minority religion with all attendant benefits. “We submitted a memorandum to Modi in December to introduce a Sarna code in the census, and [the] BJP’s State leaders agreed,” he says.

Hindu-Jewish-Amrika axis exposed!!!

The one true Leader, despised by secularists (liberals), full of fighting spirit against Pakistan (Russia), the maestro preparing to unleash the magic of the free market on impoverished peasants, this is indeed the second coming of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

BTW Cohen is a Jewish title and he was an associate of GW Bush. By definition this makes him a neo-con who must be engaged in stitching up a Hindu-Jew-Amrika pact. Arundhati Roy will be responding shortly with an in-depth accounting of the anticipated treacheries by this axis of evil. Reihan Salam will be pleased (but what about Bangladesh??).
Both Mr. Modi and Mr. Reagan rose from humble origins. Both were popular and successful State leaders: Reagan was “chief minister” (governor, as we say) of my home state of California. Mr. Modi, like Mr. Reagan, is an unabashed proponent of free market economics: the term “Modinomics” is of course a nod to “Reaganomics.”

A major common denominator between the two men is the nature of their detractors. Like the U.S., India has cultural elitists who seem to desperately crave the approval of their former colonial masters in Europe. The Indian cultural elite despises Mr. Modi every bit as much as the American cultural elite despised Mr. Reagan. They look down their noses at Mr. Modi, cringing at the thought of being led by a common chai wallah (“tea seller,” as I translated it for my U.S. readers) who can barely speak English. (I could never imagine Chinese or Russian citizens, proud of their own heritage, being ashamed that their leaders don’t speak English.)